In The Snake's Eyes.

Josh Palmer is an ordinary boy. He has friends, family, and a love for snakes.
Maddy Eartheaten has mates, snake hair and takes a fancy for humans.
Are they really that different?
Or does love take it's turn?


3. Josh

I pulled Maddy over after the lesson.

"Maddy, I have something to ask you. But, it's pretty crazy, and feel free to pinch, or punch, me if I'm wrong."

Maddy nodded, her eyes flashing yellow.  Then, all of a sudden, they weren't their usual colour. They were the yellow flash, with a black slit down the middle, like a snakes. Then, her silky, blonde hair disapeared, and beautiful snakes took her hairs place. It was the same sight I'd seen in my dream.

"Is this what you were going to say?"

My eyes darted round nervously, but no-body seemed to notice. Was I the only person that could see these? Could I touch them, or would they disapear?

"I know your not affraid, Josh. Your different. My...snakes..."

She spoke it so matter-of-factly, like she was almost proud of them, and continued to say "they've been with me a long time. And I've only realised when people can see them. You had a dream last night, right? You dreamt about the snakes?"

I nodded, my eyes widening with everything she spoke correctly.

"I only allow people see them when I've gotten to know them better. You got to know me yesterday, remember? I allowed these snakes to slither through your thoughts. You know my secret now, Josh. And guess what? I know yours."

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