In The Snake's Eyes.

Josh Palmer is an ordinary boy. He has friends, family, and a love for snakes.
Maddy Eartheaten has mates, snake hair and takes a fancy for humans.
Are they really that different?
Or does love take it's turn?


1. Josh.

The bold man took my change, and twirled the coins in his hand. I took my ticket, and chose a seat somewhere in the middle of the bus. The doors of the bus shut squeakily, and the bus jolted forward. We left the stop swiftly. Loud chatter and laughter filled the bus, and the crys of babies and the toddlers made me wince. We stopped off again, and a group of nervous looking teenagers a, few years younger then me, climbed on. One of them smiled at me weakly, and took a seat behind me. My mind wurred as I watched the traffic that flew past us, almost a blur. After a few more stops I got off, feeling my shoes tighten. My nerves were nothing compared to the pounding of my heart. I stood on the street, with nothing but flats staring back at me. The neighbour hood was silent, apart from the odd bark of a dog, or the whistling of the wind. I took my steps cautiously.

A sudden blast of noise made me spin round. Glass from one of the flat windows fell to the ground, softly clattering against the pavement. I looked up to the window, where a figure leant over the edge.

"Did I hit you?"

The voice was soft, but concerned.

"No, you didn't. Are you okay? Did something happen?"

The girl leant further out of the window. I could feel my heart thud so much, I could feel it viberate through my whole body. Not only was I calling to a complete stranger, but the street was pretty much abandoned, apart from the odd person in trackies making there way past with a fierce looking dog, or a knife hidden not far up their sleeve.

"Nothing major happened, don't worry. What's your name, anyway, you look familar?"

I could feel my heart beat faster, and harder. Would she use my name when they suddenly found me dead in the weeds behind one of the graffitied flats?

"I'm Josh. What about you?"

"Maddy. Anyway, I'm sorry, Josh. If there's even more clutter on your way back, just remember, it was probably me."

She poked her head back inside, and there was nothing more to it. All that remained as evidence from our conversation was the glass that was piled behind me. I watched the window for a couple more seconds, and continued to make my way down the street. A flurry of thoughts clouded my head.

How did she know I was going to go back that way? Why did she want to know my name? What was happening up there?

I neared the flat where I was supposed to be. It was my mothers place. The mum who'd abandoned me years back, before I could talk. My dad had finally given me he address, with nothing more then an angry grunt. I reached the front of the building. It was a little cleaner then the ones around me. It still had the odd curse word or rude drawing, but it had all it's windows and doors. I made my way inside the building, nervously glancing behind me every few steps. The building was different inside. It was a complete mess. Mould crawled down the walls, colouring the orginal white colour. The carpets were curled at the corner, and coated in mud and something I couldn't really describe. I found the stairs, avoiding the elevator as best I could. No doubt it would stop somewhere in the middle, and the power would shut off. I made my way to the floor my mother was on. I approached the door, and held out my fist.

What if she didn't want to see me? Would I have come all that way for nothing?

I knocked firmly, keeping myself calm.

A tall, slender woman answered. She had her hair neatly tied back in a pony tail, and a disappearing baby bump.


"How did you...-"

"Your father called. You honestly didn't have to come all this way. You shouldn't have bothered..."

She pushed the door almost fully shut, but I slid my foot in the gap.

"I wanted to see you, mum, and I'm here. You can't just shut me out, I'm your son. YOU abondoned ME. Please, don't do it again." I felt a push of confidence rip through me after that. I felt like I'd travel the world and back.

She sighed angrily. Her pony tail flipped as she shook her head.

"Josh, I left you two for a reason. No offence, but you were a mistake. I wasn't supposed to have you. You were an acciedent."

The confidence flew away almost immediatly. Did she just tell me, face to face, that I was an accident?


"No but's, Josh! Now leave, I don't want to see you anymore."

I pulled my foot back and the door slammed shut in my face. Memories came flooding back. Dad's depression over 2 years. My excitment for when this day would arrive. The thoughts I'd had a few days before I'd picked up the corage to actually do it.

I trailed down the stairs and out of the building. My heart felt broken. My own MOTHER didn't want me. My dad would probably never talk to me again. Even if he did, it'd be 'I told you so.'

I didn't feel scared of the streets on my way back. I felt like I wouldn't even care if somebody did shove a knife in my back. I stopped just before the glass. Maddy was sitting on the window edge, looking out, when her eyes landed on me.

"Hey Josh, everything go okay?"

"What do you mean? Have you been...-"

"Forget it. I take that as a no."

She turned her head back and watched  far across the sky. The sun had almost set, sending an orange glow across the sky. The glittery stars twinkled one by one, sending small rays of light down onto the pavement where I stood.

"Look, I'm sorry Maddy"

"It's okay" she replied, softly.

I looked from her, to the pavement, and back again.

"Did you manage to break anything else?"

"Oooh, wouldn't you like to know!"

I laughed lightly. Suddenly, my mood lifted. I felt quite happy. Maddy was somebody I felt I could talk too. She seemed nice enough.

"Anyway, catch you in English, Josh"

"Ah, that's where I know you from!"

This time, Maddy laughed, and then flipped her beatiful blonde hair.

"It's about time you noticed me, no-body else does."

I could feel the pain in her voice. The more I thought about her, the more I could remember. A few weeks before, Maddy had been in an argument with her friend, Honey, who'd suddenly  left Maddy. After that, Honey became popular, and Maddy was left to fend for herself.

I heard her sigh deeply, then she flipped her legs out of the window, and to my surprise, jumped. She landed with only a soft thump.

She wore jeans and a long shirt that stopped just over the knee. Converse on her feet.

"I'm sorry if I gave you a fright."

She looked down at her outfit, then back at me.

"This is my casual outfit. I wasn't going anywhere."

She sounded embarrassed, but she didn't show it through her face or body language. I knew I was gazing at her too much, and I knew that she was watching me herself, but she didn't say anything.

A sudden chill washed over my body.

"Are you a little cold?"

"Yeah, I'm not used to being outside that much. I would head off, but you made the effort to jump out of the window for me, so, I'll stay"

"No,  no, by all means, head off. I can climb back up there easy. Watch."

Her feet pounded across the grass, then she grabbed hold of the pipe that lead up to her window and beyond. With all her strength, she hauled herself up and climbed the short-ish distance to her window. She flipped her legs over the ledge, and pulled herself inside.

"I'll see you tomorrow, then, Josh."

She smiled sweetly, and fluttered her fingers in an attempt of a wave. Slowly, I lifted my hand and waved back. Then her head disappeared back inside, and I was left on pavement, gazing up at her window in amazment.

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