508 Days of Butterflies

*HIATUS* Cambree Grace Breeze used to be an independent, vibrant young girl. But at the age of three, she was diagnosed with autism. Her sister, Phoenix Breeze, is trying to find a way to help her sister learn how to be the independent & vibrant girl she was.

(Rated yellow for cursing.)


1. Prologue


 I am not really sure why, but butterflies have always been my favorite insect to study. They are so graceful and beautiful. They can go anywhere with their elegant wings and are amazing with their vibrant colors. My little sister loved them too. But, when my little sister Cambree turned 3, shewas diagnosed with autism. She used to be so active and a handful and...independent. Now that every second matters , my mom doesn’t have time to go butterfly watching with me. I’m not complaining because I know that Cambree needs all the attention. Her autism is pretty bad.


She can’t really speak. All that really comes out of her mouth is loud noises and she cries alot when she doesn’t get her way. My mom is always running around trying to catch her just so shecan give her a bath at night. Cambree is almost five now and is almost ready to start Kindergarten. 


I am a little worried about her starting school because I don’t know what the other kids in her class are going to do or how they are going to react to her autism. They’re only five or six years old, so they don’t know much or anything about autism and what it is. My mom says she’ll be fine and shehas talked to her teacher about it. The teacher will have an special teacher there to keep a good eye on her.


The special teacher is a teacher that specializes in working with autistic kids during school. So they help them learn what the other kids are, they play with them, the discipline them when necessary, you name it. Cambree’s special teacher’s name is Mrs. Locklear and I have met her. She seems really nice and has worked with at least 20 other autistic children in her career and most ofthem are completely independent and fine by the time they reach freshman year of high school. 


I asked Mrs. Locklear if maybe I could work with her in taking care of Cambree, but my mom butt in and said “No sweetie. You have school to worry about too.” I was upset because I really wanted to help my little sister learn new things and overcome her autism.


But then, right as we were about to leave, Mrs. Locklear stopped Locklear stopped us. “Ms. Breeze, I don’t know what high school your daughter attends, but at East Shore Academy, they actually offer a program for Juniors and Seniors where they come into a elementary school and actually aide aspecial teacher who works with autistic children. So, if your daughter goes there, then she could probably apply to be my aide. She looks old enough. A junior maybe?” she inquires while looking at me. I nod in agreement. 


Wait...did she say East Shore Academy? That’s where I go! My thoughts must’ve reached my mother’s mind because she perks up too. “Why yes, my daughter does go there and she is a junior this year. You wouldn’t happen to have an application, do you Mrs. Locklear?” my mother interrogates. Mrs. Locklear nods and hands me a thick packet. 


“Just fill out these questions and personal info. Then send to your school’s office. If you’re in, it will say “East Shore Elementary Aide” on one of your periods in your schedule. Good Luck. I signed the paper so the schedule person knows to put you with me if you get the job. See you soon, hopefully!” Mrs. Locklear yells as we leave the school. 


I wave goodbye back. I just hope this turns out well.

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