508 Days of Butterflies

*HIATUS* Cambree Grace Breeze used to be an independent, vibrant young girl. But at the age of three, she was diagnosed with autism. Her sister, Phoenix Breeze, is trying to find a way to help her sister learn how to be the independent & vibrant girl she was.

(Rated yellow for cursing.)


2. Getting the Job


"Today's the big day, Phoenix." my mother says as I make my way down the stairs.


"For what?" I say dragging my backpack full of supplies with me.


 My mom just stares at me.


 "You really forgot?" she asks. I think and finally remember.


 "Oh yeah! Today I find out if I am going to aide Mrs. Locklear. Man, I hope I got the job." I say almost depressed. If I didn't get this job, then this year was going to suck. 


"Thanks for reminding me. Wish me luck and Cambree too. Love you and tell Cambree I said I love you. Okay?" I request. She nods and I head out to the driveway to get in my car.


 15 minutes later...


 So here is the moment of truth. I am currently heading towards the main office where they are handing out schedules. The schedules are organized by grade and last name, so my schedule should be one of the first ones. I walk into the main office to find chaos occurring.


 "OK! OK! Let's see Raleigh Johnson... Raleigh Johnson...Johnson..." Ms. Karnickel repeats over and over searching for Raeleigh's schedule. "Ah! Here you go Raleigh!" she says with delight as Raleigh snatches the piece of paper out of her hands.


 "Don't take so long next time. Aylia hates it when I'm not with her. She's waiting outside and probably freaking out no thanks to you." Raleigh responds rudely. I stand there with my mouth open. Well...that pissed me off.I have known Ms. Karnickel since I was a freshman. And believe me, no one, and I mean NO ONE is going to talk to her like that in front of me. I decide to confront her as she walks past.


"Hey Raleigh " I say and she glances back at me. "Stop being such a bratty bitch and talking to people like they're worthless. I'm sure your bitchy queen Aylia can wait a few moments. Trust me, with this chaos, you won't be late." I lecture her.She stands there with her mouth open.


"You stuck up bitch! Mind your own damn business!" she says to me as she storms out of the office. Me? The stuck up bitch? She needs to get her facts straight and mind her own damn business for once. God, I swear I just want to go and kill those girls one day.


 Aylia and Raleigh are the leaders of the most popular clique group at East Shore Academy. They call themselves The Untouchables because no one can touch them or their things. It's stupid really. Aylia Marina Cherlina is a Russian foreign exchange student. At first, she wasn't popular at all. Raleigh was the leader of the Untouchables then, and just because of Aylia's looks, Raleigh accepted her into her group with open arms. Later, the girl gang made the witch their leader and former leader Raleigh the co-leader. Raleigh Michelle Johnson is a Miami native and is a natural beauty queen.


 Raleigh has entered 50 beauty pageants in her lifetime and has won at least 35 of them and runner-up for the rest. I swear she should just go kiss the judge's asses. Whatever. I don't want to take any crap from them anyways.I wait until the chaos is cleared up and walk up to the now exhausted Ms. Karnickel."Ms. Karnickel," I start. She turns around so fast it makes me jump.


 "WHAT?!" she yells and suddenly realizes it's me. "Oh Phoenix! I'm so sorry for snapping at you." she apologizes. I just laugh."It's alright. Do you have my schedule for me?" I ask nicely. She nods and hands me a yellow piece of paper. I take a deep breath and look down. Here is my schedule:


 Homeroom-Sweet, Meredith (Rm 208)

1. AP Spanish 3: Larson, Micheal (Rm. 201)

2. Pre-Calculus: Mason, Laura (Rm 109)

3. AP World Civilizations: Hoffer, Andrew (Rm 107)

4. Physics: Hill, Macy (Rm 204)

5. AP Study Hall: Marston, Jack (Computer Lab)

6. Health and PE: Jackson, Richard (GYM)

7. East Shore Elementary Aide: Locklear, Maria (East Shore Elementary)


Yes! I got the job as Ms. Locklear's aide! The best part is it's at the end of the day and I can walk Cambree to the bus. Today was absolutely a good day. But first, I have to survive 5 other classes before the best class of the day comes. Wish me luck.

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