Bree, a 17 year old living with bullying, depression. After her dad signs with One Direction, she and her family moves to England can Brees life be changed?


3. Moving away

I was happy, no- excited. I threw my suitcase in my bed and piled my clothes in.

When 6:30 came, we were already at the airport. Finally a new start. We boarded the plane, it took a good 13 hours until we got to England. I was tired, but my dad had to meet his new co-workers. "ONE DIRECTION"? I screamed but whispered?! They are my favorite band.

"Hello, Love" Harry Styles said to me
"H-hi" I blushed, he winked
After I met the boys, I was beat tired. I opened the elevator, I walked in. I was stopped by a muscular hand wrapping around my wrist. I gaspped scared. My wrist was up-wards. "Woah" the deep voice spoke. "What happened?" "N-nothing" I said nervously. "Uhm, uh what's up Harry"? I said trying to change the subject. "Nothing, I wanted to see if you would go to the movies with me?" he grinned. "Sure" I said giggling and blushing. "Great! Pick you up at 8" as he walked away the elevator door closed. I was alone, I was screaming and fan girling. I was happy.!
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