My Extended Family

Hi. I'm Layla. I'm 17 years young by the way. :) I'm Zayn's little sister. Its just us, I don't have any other siblings and I'm kind of excited because I get to meet Zayn's band tonight! I'm not real talkitive, so I hope his friends have a lot to talk about. I'm really happy for Zayn. I know he loves to sing and be with the boys and I just hope they'll like me as much as they like him... Zayn is a really good artist and I enjoy watching him draw. He is a really good DJ,too. I love to try to make my own mixes in the 'mix house' when Zayn's not around. Don't tell him though!!He'd probably kill me! That's all for now, got to go!


3. Tonight, Tonight

Harry P.O.V.

We arrived at the club and scramble out. I was so excited! We were going to party HARD! Our last night of break deserved to be the best! We party for a while and around eight Eleanor and Danielle show up. Louis really has some fun with Elle on the dance floor. Liam takes it easy with Danielle and keeps her between the bar and the calmer part of the dance floor.

I see Zayn talking to a girl at the bar and I chuckle to myself. I know he's drunk. I wonder if he'll remember her if I bring her up tomorrow. I'm almost over the edge when a girl walks over and sits herself down next to me.

"Hello, Harry." She smiles.

"Hello, love. Your name?" I smile. I motion for another round as she answers.

"Marie." She smiles and takes a small sip of her drink.

"Lovely name, Marie." I smile and down about half my drink. I was way to drunk now. I could now see I was going to have a beautiful night.

Liam P.O.V.

I look over and see Harry making out with a girl at the bar. He was so wasted. Zayn is downing a drink and chatting it up with a girl and Louis is still rocking out with Elle. Niall is the only one without a girl, agian. Feel bad for the mate. Always the one left to drink what little cares he has away without a girl to help him. I sigh and walk over to him, leaving Dani to finish her soda. She was the designated driver for the girl's.

"You alright mate?" I ask sliding up beside Niall.

"Top of the morning to you, Liam. Too damb duck to crap." Niall smiles.

"Time to go." I sigh. Niall usually watches how much he drinks. Guess we stayed a little to long.

"Stay here Mate." I say and pat his back. I gather up Lou, Zayn, his girl, and try to pull Harry away from his girl.  He finally lets up and I get him away from her. She slips him a napkin and walks away.

"Dani! You take Elle back to our place." I call over my shoulder.

"Zayn, your girl coming?" I ask.

"Naw, got her number." He smiles.

"Ok, Lou, you help Harry into the car and I'll grab Niall." I know Lou wasn't sober, I was the only one who was, but he was probably three drinks more sober then Zayn.

We get the boys in the car and I drop everyone off. The last person I drop off is Zayn. I get out of the car and ring the bell. I feel bad because its almost one thirty in the morning. Zayn's sister Layla answers the door.

"Um?" She asks sleepily. "If you looking for Zayn, he's- he's out."

"I have him. Can I drop him off?" I ask. I feel really bad. She's not even half awake.

"Um...sure. Just leave him on the couch." She says and backs away from the door. I nod to her and go back to the car and help Zayn in.

"Thanks." She smiles.

"No problem. Have a good night Layla. " I wave and walk to the car.

"Night!" she calls before she shuts the door.

I hope all the boys are alright to fly out tomorrow...


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