My Extended Family

Hi. I'm Layla. I'm 17 years young by the way. :) I'm Zayn's little sister. Its just us, I don't have any other siblings and I'm kind of excited because I get to meet Zayn's band tonight! I'm not real talkitive, so I hope his friends have a lot to talk about. I'm really happy for Zayn. I know he loves to sing and be with the boys and I just hope they'll like me as much as they like him... Zayn is a really good artist and I enjoy watching him draw. He is a really good DJ,too. I love to try to make my own mixes in the 'mix house' when Zayn's not around. Don't tell him though!!He'd probably kill me! That's all for now, got to go!


5. Off to the Tour!!

Zayn's P.O.V.

Leah just stood there for a minute and then she looked up at me.

"You. Like seriously. Mean it?!" She asks.

"We. Like, totally mean it with all seriouness. Well, we mean with a seriousness, not that we'll act with seriousness." I smile to her.

"I-I-I don't know what to say!" She exclaims.

"We know how much your brother means to you and I think we all would enjoy some girl componey." Harry smiles.

"You keep your pants ON!" I laugh at Harry, "This is my lil' sis were talking about here!" Harry puts up his hands, and we all laugh. I look over to Layla to see a small bit of consern and confusion mixing in her eyes.

"Its alrigh." I lean over and whisper to her, "We're just playing around. Hazza's a good guy. Got too many girls chasen' after his ass and he knows it."

Leah smiles and lightens up.

"Well?" Liam asks.

"Yeah?" Leah asks.  

"You gonna pack?" He asks.

"OH! Right!" She yelps,"Z?! What do I pack?!" She asks.

"Don't worry. I'll help. You'll onlly be gone 6 to 8 months and we'll go shopping, so you won't have to worry." I smile.

"6 to 8?!" You told me 6!" She says.

"I know. We'd be gone for 8 months if we have to cancal because of weather or something comes up." I follow her up to her room and the boys follow.

"Hey, DJ, you want me to take your bags out to the car?" Liam asks.

"Yeah, sure, thanks Liam." I say and point to my door. My lugage was almost smack dab in the middle of my room. He couldn't miss it.

I help Leah grab her suitecase and run and get some things for her and we are ready to leave in five minutes. Leah doesn't have a ton of cloths and she left some and descided to just go shopping if she needed more.

We load the lugage and on the drive to the airport the boys talk to Leah and tell her all about themselves and the band. We arrive at the airport and when we finally get to our flight Paul is there and not very happy.

"I told you to be here at 7 sharp! It is 7:15. You boys would have missed your flight if I wasn't here! What do you have to say for yourselves?!" Paul glares at us.

"Sorry Paul, Layla here didn't realize we were leaving this morning, and I had some extra stops to make before we made it all the way here." I say. I didn't want to lie to Paul, but to put the blame on Leah's shoulders would be cruel.

"I don't want it to happen again! Understand?!" Paul barks as he turns to make a call.

We all nod and Paul motions for us to get on the plane. We all get on and sit in the first class. There isn't a lot of people on the plane that we can see and I'm glad. I love our fans, but sometimes they get to be a little much.

Leah was so excited. I could tell. Her eyes danced from one thing to another. Sometimes looking at the boys. I'm pretty sure she thinks this is all still a dream. There was two people per row so I sit with Leah, Harry and Louis sit together across from us and Niall and Liam sit infront of Harry and Louis. The plane takes off and Leah starts asking a millon questions.

We land and I wonder how its going to be this time.

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