My Extended Family

Hi. I'm Layla. I'm 17 years young by the way. :) I'm Zayn's little sister. Its just us, I don't have any other siblings and I'm kind of excited because I get to meet Zayn's band tonight! I'm not real talkitive, so I hope his friends have a lot to talk about. I'm really happy for Zayn. I know he loves to sing and be with the boys and I just hope they'll like me as much as they like him... Zayn is a really good artist and I enjoy watching him draw. He is a really good DJ,too. I love to try to make my own mixes in the 'mix house' when Zayn's not around. Don't tell him though!!He'd probably kill me! That's all for now, got to go!


1. Good Bye Z

Zayn P.O.V.

I'm so excited to finally get back with the boys. We got a two week leave and we desided to spend it with our families. I've missed them a lot more then I thought I would. I guess they've become more like brothers then I thought. I chuckle to myself when I think of the guys. They are a handful when your not inclueded in the maddness. I don't know how Liam does it.

"Whats so funny Z?" my sister Layla asks as she walks down the stairs.

"The boys." I smile, "We're leaving tomorrow, we desided to meet up tonight though."

"Oh, well what time are they coming?" she asks. She looks down. I hope I didn't ruin her day.

"Five." I look at the clock and that's in fifteen minutes. Guess I better get ready.

"Got to get ready. Want to meet the guys?" He asks.

"No, its ok, I've got a thing planed with Hannah anyway." She smiles at me and walks back up to her room.

I follow her up the stairs and go to my room to get ready.

Layla P.O.V.

I sigh as I close my door. Why did Z have to leave so soon? I shake the thought out of my head and look for something to chill in. I didn't have anything with Hannah planed. I just didn't want him to feel bad about leaving me home.  I sigh again and pull out an old top. Its tight at the top, but it fits. Its white and flares out at the bottom. I pull on some skinny jeans and run a brush through my thick black hair and wet it down because its so frizzy.

I slip out of my room and go and make sure Z is still in his room. I can hear him curse as something drops. I try to hold in a laugh as I tip toe down the stairs. I slip out the back door and run to the mix house.

Its a shed in the back yard which Dad and Z converted into a studio so Z could practice his mad dj skills. I use it sometimes because in the back is a small weight room and I use the punching bag to blow off some steam. I'm suposed to just use the weight room, but sometimes I play around with the studio and mix some of my own stuff.

I go into the studio and fire it up. I pull up some of my favorite songs and deside just to jam out to them. I mix up the play list and hit play. The first song comes on as I walk over to the mic and pull on the head phones. I put one on my ear and place the other behind my ear into what I call, the rapper style.

I just jam to the first handful of songs and reminisce of when Z and I were little. Oath by Cher Lloyd comes on and I start to actually try. I start singing along with it and dancing to it, well as much as I could being atached to the head phones and everything. The song ends and I laugh. I love really getting into the songs and the next song that comes on is Replay by Iyaz. I really get into this one and when it ends I'm really relaxed and ready to just jam the rest of the night. Hope Z dosen't mind...

The mix stops playing and I'm about to walk over to play some more when I hear Z.

"Not bad Leah, not bad." He chuckles.

"Z! I-I didn't hear you come in! I'm so sorry! I promise-" I start to get really nurvase. I promised never to tuch his studio.

"Its alright Leah, I've known you've been coming in here for some time now. You recorded yourself on more then one occation, added more songs to my mix list and left some of your own mixes on the computer. I figured you out pretty quick." He chuckled. He was in the shadows and I smile.

"Oh, Z. I thought I was sneeker then that." I laugh.

"You usually are." I can imagine him smiling.

"Come out from the shadows Z. I want to bid you good bye before you leave me." I try not to tear up at the thought of loosing him for another 6 months. I was really happy he dropped by for a surprize visit.

Z steps out from the shadows and I go over and rap him in a hug.

"Why do you have to go Z?" I ask into his shoulder.

"Because Leah..." He trails off.

"I've got to go now. Wave me off?" He asks stepping back.

"Sure." I smile.

Z walks with his arm around my shoulder and when we turn the corner I see four boys  standing in the middle of the drive talking and laughing at one another.







Please tell me what you think of it so far! Sorry its kinda short, promise I'll try to make them longer! Thanks for reading! Hope you like the rest!  -Nobodyouknow :)

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