My Extended Family

Hi. I'm Layla. I'm 17 years young by the way. :) I'm Zayn's little sister. Its just us, I don't have any other siblings and I'm kind of excited because I get to meet Zayn's band tonight! I'm not real talkitive, so I hope his friends have a lot to talk about. I'm really happy for Zayn. I know he loves to sing and be with the boys and I just hope they'll like me as much as they like him... Zayn is a really good artist and I enjoy watching him draw. He is a really good DJ,too. I love to try to make my own mixes in the 'mix house' when Zayn's not around. Don't tell him though!!He'd probably kill me! That's all for now, got to go!


6. First taste of Fame

Layla's P.O.V.

When we land we are the last to get off and when we do there are millions of fans waitting, waving, screaming, crying, camra's are flashing from the poporitze and some girls are reaching out to the boys.

God. Who knew it would be like this?! Well, I guess the boys are used to it but I'm not. I almost get a migrain just from standing there in that first second.

We walk through everything and when we get in the car I'm almost ontop of Z. I really dislike this whole fan thing. I have never gotten more attention at an airport or anywhere, ever. The boys laugh as I try to mentally pry myself off Z and it bearlly works.

"Don't worry. We'll protect you." Z whispers to me as we drive to the hotel. I give him a small smile and a few minutes later the car stops.

"Here we are, Leah." Z says as the boys climb out. He gets out and extends his hand. I get out and he stands behind me and leads me into the hotel.

"I'm really bad at this whole fame thing." I tell Z once we get inside.

"No, your just new to it." He smiles. "Niall grabbed your lugage."

"Oh, ok." I say and follow Liam. He had checked us in. We find our room and its Huge! I mean H-U-G-E! There are two rooms with a queen in one room and two twins in the other. The two couches are fold outs and we only stay here for a couple days because apperently there is an appartment that is close to like ten of their shows. We're still in England, just a different part.

"Wow!" I breath as the boys set down their lugage and plop on the couches.

"You like?" Harry asks.

"Yes!" I squeek and check out the other rooms.

I had a lot of energy for some reason. Wish I had the punching bag. It would be fun to hit around right now. I sink into one of the couches and think of all the things I would do right now to burn off this random energy. I quietly laugh at some of my thoughts and then someone says something and I snap back.

"Leah?" Z asks giving me a playful kick in the leg.

"Mm Hm?" I say snaping my attention to him.

"You were off on another planet for a while." He laughs.

"I know." I say matter-o-factly.

"Ok, well, you want lunch? Apparently, Niall here didn't get brakefast and he's bout to die." Z says with a grin.

"I'm good. I'm gonna wonder for a while. I'll stay in hotel though." I say as I head to the door.

"Ok, be back before five though. We have a show tonight." Z calls.

"K, Z." I say as I shut the door. I wonder around for a while and find a gym and a pool! This place was awesome! There wasn't a punching bag, but there was other stuff to use. I make a mental note of where they are and go back to our room to change into some workout cloths.

When I get back to the room I feel my pockets and I don't feel the key I took. I quickly feel in my hoodie pocket to find it in there. I breath and unlock the door. I slip in to find the boys chowing down on pizza.

"What kind?" I ask as I look through my bag for my gym cloths.

"Here. Saved you a peice." Z says.

"Thanks." I say pulling out my stuff and walking over to them.

"Mmmm! Peperoni! Thanks Z!" I smile and take a bite.

"I'd say no problem, but I almost had to call in the gards to keep Niall away from it. If you would have come any later it would probubly be gone." Z laughs. The boys laugh with him and we finish our pizza. I wash up and go to change.

I change into back shorts with a lime green strip down the sides of them. I take off Z's hoodie and pull on one of my old lime green football jersey thats just a little small.

"I'll be at the gym!" I call as I shut the door and stuff my card in my short pocket.


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