My Extended Family

Hi. I'm Layla. I'm 17 years young by the way. :) I'm Zayn's little sister. Its just us, I don't have any other siblings and I'm kind of excited because I get to meet Zayn's band tonight! I'm not real talkitive, so I hope his friends have a lot to talk about. I'm really happy for Zayn. I know he loves to sing and be with the boys and I just hope they'll like me as much as they like him... Zayn is a really good artist and I enjoy watching him draw. He is a really good DJ,too. I love to try to make my own mixes in the 'mix house' when Zayn's not around. Don't tell him though!!He'd probably kill me! That's all for now, got to go!


11. David's Home

*some language and other stuff this chapter, just so I worn you all :) *


Zayn's P.O.V.

I slam my phone down on the end table and look around. All the boys are staring at me. I sigh and pick up one of my hoodies and one of my beanies. I grab my phone off the end table and walk out the door, slamming it behind me. I guess I'm going on a house hunt.

I pull on the hoodie and beanie. I walk to the historic center to see if anyone knows anything about a David's Home. I walk in to find the main desk empty. I was about to curse and slam my fist against the desk when a girl, a little younger then me scurries behind the desk.

"So sorry! What can I help you with?" she asks out of breath.

"Um, I. Do you know anything about something called David's Home?" I sputter feeling bad for the girl.

"Oh, yeah. Its a giant mansion on the outskirts of town. Abandoned for years, nobody goes in or out. Its locked up, though nobody checks it. Why?" The girl says and then babbles on about the history.

"Uhh, Thanks. Got to go, but thank you again." I nod and go outside and grab a taxi.

"David's Home." I say.

"Alright kid." The driver, and older man sighs and drives me in silence to the home. Well, gets about a block away before he stops.

"This is as far as I go kid. Sorry, to many stories about that place." The man says turning to face me. I nod to him, hand him the money I owe and get out. I  walk down the block and around the corner until I see a sign that reads David's Home, stupidly overgrown like those old movies when the kid moves into an old mansion and it ends up haunted and so on.

I was about to walk up the side walk up to the front door when I felt someone following me. The sudden urge for a hand gun scared me. I spin around to find Niall, Harry, Liam and Lou coming up behind me.

"Holy Shit guys!" I growl to them.

"What? We just want to help Zayn." Niall says.

"If I had a gun I would have shot you all!" I shake my head.

"That on edge, huh?" Lou asks.

"She's my fucking sister!" I glare at the ground. The house behind us suddenly lets out a loud creak and we all snap our attention to it.

"We're all on edge. Calm down Zayn." Liam says.

"Lets go. I can't stand this anymore." I say turning back around and walk up to the house. I walk up to the front door and I hesitate with my hand on the nob.

Layla's P.O.V.

Once I wake up I realize I'm in a house. Well, I guess I'm in a house, I'm in a room. I look around, with my vision a little blurry I can't quite make everything out. I see someone in the corner of the room.

"Z? Is that you?" I ask.

"Oh, how sweet baby. No, its me. Care to remember who I am?" Jase laughs bitterly.

I grit my teeth and try to move, but I'm tied down.

"Oh, lets be good now. Come on. I even prepared a late night snack for you." Jase pushes off the door frame and walks over to a dresser thing. He pulls a platter off it and hands it to me, only I couldn't move my hands.

"What would you like?" He asks with a chuckle.

"Nothing!" I growl. I sets the tray back down and smiles.

"Alright then. We'll skip straight to the action then." Jase laughs and pulls out a needle. He gently pushes it into my armand whispers, "Sweet dreams Layla." The world goes dark and I all I can do is fall asleep hating him.

I awake once again and find myself in a basement in only my bra and underwear. Maybe he didn't have the guts. I think to myself. I stand slowly using the wall for support and find a staircase. Its so dark I more trip over it then find it. I get down on all fours and crawl up the stairs. When I reach the door I test the nob. Locked. I bang my fist against the door and scream. I scream until my throat is numb and then I scream louder. When I stop for a breath because my brain is screaming at me for air I hear a ticking sound. Its soft, but there. I want to go see what it is, but I'm lightheaded from screaming and what ever Jase gave me hasn't worn off. Suddenly I realize how cold it is down here and I being to shiver. I curl up in a ball and shake. What was going to happen now. The only thing I could hear was the soft ticking somewhere off in the basement.

Niall's P.O.V.

Zayn hesitated just a moment and when he started to twist the nob someone yanked the door open, sending Zayn crashing into him. The boy got up and ran past the boys and I. I ran after him and when I glance back I see Liam on the phone and Zayn cursing after us.

I look back ahead and see I am about to run into a tree. I swerve away from it and run into the guy from the house. I tackle him and pin him to the ground. I grab both of his hands and place a knee on his legs.

"What the hell? Who are you and where the fuck is Layla?" I yell at him. I hear sirens and I know I have a limited amount of time to get this guy to talk, unfortunately the guy seams to also know that and doesn't say a word. I want to beat him to a bloody pulp, but I risk letting him get away. The police show up and take him to the car.

"Thanks for catching him. Appreciate it." One of the cops taking my statement says. I just nod still a little out of breath and wait for him to release me.

"Your good to go Niall." the cop finally announces and I take off at a sprint as soon as I'm far enough out of view, back to the house. I arrive and as I start walking up the walkway smoke starts to pour out of the house and I can see flames from the open front door. I pull out my cell and call 999.

Layla's P.O.V.

I hear voices. They're muffled, but they're voices. I'm about to call out when my brain overrides my gut and doesn't allow me to talk, or even move. What if this is Jase and his buddies coming back? I ask myself. I sit still listening and I notice the ticking is getting faster and then it stops. Suddenly I see smoke even in this dark. I bang on the door and I hear the lock being turned. It opens and the smoke pushes out of the open door. I can barely see who it is. Its Z.

I see flames and Z pulls me off the stairs just as the flame, that's getting rapidly bigger and faster, engulfs them.

Was this it? What about the rest of the boys? I never got the chance to tell them how cool they are and I never got to know Niall the way I wanted to. This couldn't be it, I had more I wanted to do, to see, to become!




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