the diary of the girl who was on fire

this is the diary of the girl who was on fire, a collection of poems ,highlighting some of the major events in the life of katniss everdeen. it recounts her life before and after the hunger games from katniss's P.O.V


1. Dear diary,

Dear diary,

Will the odds be ever in my favor?

But the question is, do i really care?

For since my father's death life has lost its savor

The boy with the bread is standing inches away but I can’t catch his stare

 i can't look into the eyes of my own savior

Dear diary,

They just keep talkin’

While my heart is broken

It's all for the games

My look is important

My hair mustn’t be shortened

That’s all what matters to them

They prepare me to die

And i just can't lie

And pretend to like them

I'm the girl on fire

And his the boy with the bread

We're the star-crossed lovers

From district twelve

 Dear diary,

Cinna  wanted me to make a lasting impression

 to overcome my depression

,and to give me hope and sponsors in the arena

 which is like a prison

but my outfit turned out with sparks and blurred my vision 

Just like a star, up so far, i came on a chariot like a car

At first sight and from the start i captured every heart

I had so much fun ,i wasn’t pretty i wasn’t beautiful i was radiant as the sun

But deep inside all I was thinking of was , how to run


Dear diary

I put on a wide smile ready to act

I focus on my breath

I look at all the crowd and try to ignore the fact

That some of them are betting on my death

i try to keep myself from falling and forget the stress

But my heart is burning with anger just like the fire in my dress

But I pull myself together and hide all the mess

Dear diary,

It's my time to twirl

But i'm just another girl

Whom they watch die

A lie after lie

and i just deny

That i loathe them

But their standing ovation

Erased my devastation

And proved that i can win

Dear diary,

We won and now i have to pretend

But I told him the truth and i broke a heart i can’t mend

Dear diary

I’m going back to the arena again

But i still hadn't  recovererd from my pain

I don't want to kill

I'm fed up with doing things against my will

Dear diary,

Peeta is the dandelion in the spring

And he's the tribute i'll have to bring


Dear diary

I've escaped the hunger games and now the capitol hates me

They got peeta and I can’t help but wonder where is he


Dear diary

Peeta is back but he doesn’t remember me

When i look into his eyes, hatred is all i see

They had done something to him ,hijacked his brain

And being away from him is like being in the dessert without rain

Dear diary

Today Finnick didn’t survive

And I lost a friend i cant retrive

I stood infront of annie all alone

Her sad eyes made me freeze like a stone


Dear diary

My little Prim is gone

She was blown infront of me

and swallowed by the sun

Dear diary

I killed coin instead of snow

now panem is free from her vicious claw 

Dear diary,

He whispers. you love me real or not real?

And I tell him real

For deep inside that’s how I really  feel


I'm done with the rebellion

And I chose the dandelion


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