The place where the camels gather.

A journey of a bird. I had to write a short 750-1000 word narrative of a journet in English using the various aspects of an advertisement found in a newspaper. This is the result.


1. The one and only chapter. Because who needs more than 1?


The bird took flight out from the bluff to glide over the ocean. It circled for a moment, taking its time to scan along the coast and on the ocean for anything to consume. Something skittered between a pair of rocks by the shore. It was a crab. The bird flapped its wings to gain a bit of altitude, its powerful eyes keeping a close watch on the last known location of the crab. The crab moved slightly into view, barely distinguishable from its surroundings. The bird sized up an angle of approach and floated into position. It caught sight of competitors, gliding past nearby. It knew this was its only chance. The bird changed its angle and pushed itself into a downward motion, diving straight towards the crab. The crab, oblivious to the bird’s descent, moved further into view. There was a loud squawk and a flutter of wings as the crab was snatched away from in front of the bird. The bird continued to dive, it hoped for a last chance attempt to snatch the crab from one of its competitors’ claws. No luck, the bird’s competitor had taken off with the crab as the bird was forced to continue forward. The bird’s last ditch attempt to get some food had failed. As the bird gained altitude once again, it turned North. It knew that winter was coming.

As the bird flew North, sometimes it drifted over the water, at other times it drifted above the coast. It constantly scanned the rocky shore, searching for something to eat. It knew there wasn’t much there, but it kept an eye out anyway. As the bird crossed from the ocean to the coast once again, the sun lowered itself on the horizon, illuminating the clouds in a bright red. Colours filled the sky, they created a warm, cooling feeling as the clouds turned from red to pink and then from pink to purple. Soon the clouds had adopted a deep musky blue and the stars filled the sky. The bird paid no attention to the changes of colour in the sky, it was focused on finding somewhere to roost for most of the night. It noticed a rocky outcrop that hung out over the ocean, protected from the wind and any chance of rain. It glided down and landed, it made itself comfortable and soon tucked its head under its wing for the night. The bird had temporarily retired, eager to continue in the morning.

The bird awoke with a start, and sensing danger it took flight. A predator had leaped at the position where the bird had nested, just managing to have bitten off the end of one of the bird’s toes. The bird squawked in pain as it flurried to gain altitude and escaped the danger. The predator snarled and snapped as the bird made its escape. The bird flew out over the water in a hurry. Eager to have escaped its predator, its foot dripped with the blood from its wound. Having felt safe, it circled for a bit under the stars. It scanned for food, but seeing nothing it chose to continue flying North along the coast. Its journey was to continue.

 Soon, the tip of the sun was illuminating the sky, hiding the stars with light and causing the clouds to glow a golden colour. The bird’s foot had stopped bleeding, it gained altitude to float just above the clouds in the morning light. From where it glided, the sun’s light could be seen between gaps in the clouds as it flooded over the darkness and shadows of the night. It paid no attention as the golden clouds around it rose and fell slowly. Instead it picked up a tailwind, increasing the speed at which it flew. The bird flew up and back over itself, in loops and swirls, it performed aerial summersaults in and out of the clouds, making sure it seized every opportunity to play in the wind. The sun soon rose above the clouds, it made the clouds appear a pure white that seemed to glow with life. The bird continued to glide and perform tricks but soon dropped below the clouds. It scanned the landscape and the ocean below it, it had a reached a turning point in its migration. Ever so slightly the bird had adjusted its flight path a little to the West. Flying inland, it continued on.

The landscape below was an endless ocean of sand, twisted dunes and dead bushes that dotted the ground. Still, the bird continued on. It had a general idea of what to expect, it had partaken in this journey many times before. The sun had begun to fall, turning the sky to a familiar pink colour, the light danced around the cloudless sky. Soon the sun had fallen and the sky lit up with an ocean of stars. Constellations danced around the moon. Thousands of stars shone brightly. The occasional star shot through the rest, the sand reflected the light of the stars, and it shone a pale blue. The sight was spectacular, however the bird pressed on. It was on the final stretch.

The sun peeked over the distant sand dunes. The cloudless sky was once again illuminated with gold. The sand mimicked the sky as it started soaking up the heat. The brilliant colours bounced and reflected around the landscape. As the bird flew a ripple in the sand became visible in the distance. As the bird drew closer to the ripple, more ripples appeared. Palm trees were scattered around the ripples which became visible as pools of water. Patches of grass dotted in and around the oasis. Hundreds of camels had gathered as had other birds. The land was alive with camels and birds, filled with squawks and calls from a range of animals. To the bird, the other birds were potential mates. It flew a little faster to the oasis. It was a beacon of life within this arid wasteland. The sun rose above newly formed clouds as the bird arrived. The pools of water reflected the sun’s majestic light and at last, the bird’s journey had ended.


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