The life of me and what happens in my brain

prepare to be cofused by the thoughts that whirl around in my head. most people have got a movella like this and everyone is different sooooo........ here we go


5. Woodstock

Hi hi! I like saying Hi hi,i mean who wants to just say hello? Well i guess some people do:) What about hows it hanging? Or hello de ho? (I never say hello de ho,i just made it up) Yeah thats the thing about phrases I LOVE THEM! I make most of mine up because i hope it catches on! I say things like,ockey dockey kylie mnockey! Yeah i know......weird. I also love acting but i hate acting rivalry! Me and baking genius were kind of in a rivalry with are acting but we didn't want to be! We are still great friends though. Do you ever try and think about everything at the same time? I do. It sends shivers down my spine,urgh. Once i got chased by a goat we were just walking and then this goat butted its head from the gate so i was like walk quiker walk quiker.....RUN! And all these people were like is that your goat? And i was thinking, oh yes! I was just walking my pet goat fluffy!  Ok,so i was reading breaking dawn the other day (great book) And it got to the bit where Renesme had just been born and Edward said to Jacob,"Quick,through it out the window!" And was like,why? why? If you know,please leave me a comment! I love Harry Potter to i nearly cried when it was over! (Ok i did) When Harry was trying to save Dobby, that set me off. I once wrote a letter to J.k rowling,and i got a reply! It had all these stamps on where the pictures dissapeared  when you rubbed them. Thankyou all for listening!:) Tat Tar!:D 

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