The life of me and what happens in my brain

prepare to be cofused by the thoughts that whirl around in my head. most people have got a movella like this and everyone is different sooooo........ here we go


3. moi! (i.e Hapyplace7)

helloooooooo! and welcome to my part of this movella

me as a person am very confusing (very confusing) I do things when you'd least expect me to do them. although I can be predictable sometimes. I am useually quite risk free, not steping out of line but sometimes i just feel soooooo angry thats when i do something unexpected. Or if i feel extremely happy I do something different to. Although being me I don't always stick to those rules! I know, I'm strange but thats just how my life works. If u saw me somewhere and didn't really know me then if I'm with my friends I'll seem as if I laugh alot (which i do) but if I'm on my own then I'll seem nervouse and quiet. Other than that I'm mainly a typical pre teen. I absoloutly love sport (i.e netball, hockey, fitness, swimming) but swimming is my life sport (if there is such a thing) and I calculated that i do 7 1/2 hours a week. Even though i am sporty I am very artistic and have one of the most active imaginations in my world (i.e the people i know and stuff) If we (me and my friends) are trying to come up with an idea I almost always the one who comes up with one first. although it is usually very wacky and then we decide not to do it then someone else comes up with an idea an d i expand that. I read LOADS of books and most of them are all over my bedroom. this is now what i think is the end of my chapter, soz for all the spelling mistakes (just this damn thing doesn't have spell check on it!) and the rambeling! ta ta for now! LOL


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