The life of me and what happens in my brain

prepare to be cofused by the thoughts that whirl around in my head. most people have got a movella like this and everyone is different sooooo........ here we go


4. Baking-genius (the living legend)

A phrase to describe me, completely crackers. I am one of the most random people in the world, I mean, I could probably win a medal for it or something. This is what I started to think during writing that sentence and that will let you how random I am. Ok so here it is "I wonder what it would be like to win a medal at the olympics, I mean everyone wants to win gold obviously, but I actually I look better in silver so i might try and win that. Why is it called olympics anyway, because I know it comes from ancient Greece and that, but why did they call it olympics, I mean, because the only tournament they had was running, why not just call it big running thing instead of such a weird word. But I guess Olympics is a good word, it's like that episode of Miranda in the therapist's office, wow that's a good show." I'm no going to finish that because then it goes onto personal stuff and reader of this you are not allowed to know that. My friend had to describe me in 300 words today for English and the first word she wrote was batty. I mean, why not start with something nice about me instead of telling my teachers that she thought I was completely bonkers?!?!?! But it's not like she can talk anyway, she is almost (but not quite, I AM CRAZIER!!!!!) as bad as me and we sit next to each other in Science and we don't ever stop giggling or teasing my mate about his hair.

Final thing to think about: What are you going to eat today? I wonder because if you don't eat then you could die (DUH, DUH DUUUUUUH) and it's important to have a healthy diet. 

Another final thing to think about: Does anyone see the world the same way as someone else? Because everyone is different so does that mean everyone's outlook on life is different? Personally I don't think anyone has the same opinion as someone else but someone might (kinda proving my point)

Anyway I hope that first chapter of mine helped you get an insight to my randomness

P.S: I'm not always random, I can be really sensible so don't get the wrong impression of me

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