The life of me and what happens in my brain

prepare to be cofused by the thoughts that whirl around in my head. most people have got a movella like this and everyone is different sooooo........ here we go


2. annie1212pink

Hi. This is me, Anna and this chapter will be all about me. I am open to discussion and so if you want to tell me anything just comment on the movella like this: @Anna and then your comment. I will start by telling you as bit about me. My name is Anna and I live with my parents in Sheffield. I go to one of the many good secondary schools in Sheffield and I have lots of friends who go there with me. I spend loads of time with my friends. We go shopping together lots and another of our favourite weekend activities is swimming. I like sleeping over at my friends houses. I have two pet fish, ham and tomato. They live in the small, murky pond in our back garden. I used to have a pet hamster but unfortunately she died. I am a Christian and I go to the big church where I live. Loads of my friends go there and even if they don't attend the Sunday services, they still go to guides there and the other available youth clubs. In my spare time, I like reading, writing, drawing and playing netball. I play netball for Sheffield and I also went along to play for the school team once or twice. My favourite subjects at school are art, drama and, even though the teacher is mean, Spanish. I hope they you enjoy reding about the thoughts, feelings, hopes and desires that my brain holds... IN MY BRAIN:


Recently I have been thinking a lot about flamingos, well I think about them a lot seen as they are PINK and generally AMAZING! do any of you guys like flamingos too?! Do any of you have a pet flamingo?! Do any of you want a pet flamingo?! If so please tell me

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