death at school

Secrets are revealed in this story , Secrets that Prue a strong willed has found out during the investigation of the recent deaths at that school . She gets into danger but with her intellect she gets her way out of it . If your do not like murder stories do not read as this will be too scary for you .


3. The plot thickens

When Prue got home that evening she went upstairs to see if there was anything that could be connected to the killings she looked at the envelopes she was holding and she was wondering what did the students have in common not just the fact that they were dead but there must've been some kind of connection . Prue knew that people didn't just go up to strangers and kill them , so it was somebody she knew or they knew . Prue then remembered that she had something in her school bag , she opened it up to find the envelope , she then remembered there were some pieces of paper on the desk that she had taken from the office to see what it was all about . No office not even an headmistresses office should have that much papers on their desks but , prue had also found empty envelopes with names and stamps .Prue knew then that there was something going on that there was  another crisis happening at that school .

" Amy Harrington English is great but her mathes is terrible , Nina gerring great at Physical education" Prue read aloud but just as she was about to read out the third name she realized what was happening  the students who were bad  at some lessons were getting good marks for them.

Suddenly there was a bang and Prue looked out the window another body had been put infront of her very eyes so she had more than the murders to solve. The plot had thickened from one problem to two problems but will she be able to solve them ?           

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