death at school

Secrets are revealed in this story , Secrets that Prue a strong willed has found out during the investigation of the recent deaths at that school . She gets into danger but with her intellect she gets her way out of it . If your do not like murder stories do not read as this will be too scary for you .


1. The envelope

The rain was hitting her head hard and Prue was anoyed that she had to walk to school when she could've easily had her parents drive her to school . She was freezing as well how could her parents make her walk in that weather it was icy as well as rainy  ,Her coat wasn't  helping her one bit , so she took it off and threw it to the ground in anger , what was the point of being given something that was supposed to keep your arms from freezing if it didn't work ?  But her anger changed when she stepped in what she thought was a puddle , she looked down to see some blood ,  The blood was wet and it seemed like she had another crime to solve on her handa. Prue followed the blood and in covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming when she finally got to where the blood was coming from ,  it was a student ! The student was lying on the ground  , the student looked as if they hadn't  put up much of a fight . or maybe they weren't able to . Prue noticed something attached to the victims bag she toook the item from the bag to find that it was a envelope , She wondered was it a envelope with nothing inside or was it an envelope that could hep find the monster who had done this . But just as she opened the envelope somebody came out of the school was a teacher !  Prue then decided that it was best to hide , the teacher who had come out was an pig  and in medival times would quiet happily watch her get head chopped off.

" If that teacher finds me i'm dead " Prue whispered her hands shaking not just from the cold but from fear

As the teacher was looking for Prue they notice the corpse lying on the ground the eyes wide open, It gave Prue time to open the envelope and read if there was anything in it what was in on the paper or card or see what was in the envelope . Which there was it was a card and inside the card it said ' to the student  you are only the first of many to die '  Prue put the threatening  card  in her school bag and  ran into the building but the teacher had noticed her ,but luck for Prue there were no other witnesses so the teacher couldn't prove anything so there was no case against her and there was no punishment sitting inside waiting for her . Prue ran into the janitors closet to check out what the card meant . But it wasn't long before she ralized what it meant , it meant that school was no longer safe and that it probably wouldn't be long before anoher corpse would be found on the ground . It would in Prue's theory wouldn't be witnessed and the body would be found  maybe a couple of  hours later , Prue needed to find the culprit and fast before anybody else died .

" Now the monster who did this must know that students hardly ever have money so what does he or she want"? Prue asked herself  her heart beating fast 

But just as she had stepped out of the janitors closet somebody had seen her but who was it , the person who had seen her was holding a gun .  three more people had come up behind her , Prue was trapped ....... 

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