death at school

Secrets are revealed in this story , Secrets that Prue a strong willed has found out during the investigation of the recent deaths at that school . She gets into danger but with her intellect she gets her way out of it . If your do not like murder stories do not read as this will be too scary for you .


2. Blood bath

........The three people who had their guns pointed at her laughed and put them  away , they then explained that the guns were fakes , Prue was pretending to laugh with them .  She wasn't too happy at the fact that three people had pointed  fake guns at her . The person who had been standing infront of her with the fake gun glared at Prue , Prue didn't know what other pranks they were going to play ,  When Prue  was about to explain there was a scream a blood curdling scream , Prue ran and three other people followed . Prue  thought it'd probably be another murder ,  The person wo held  the fake gun at the front thought that their head misstress had lost her bar of chocolate again , One of the people who had held their  fake guns to Prue's  back had thought somebody has probably slipped over and the other person who had  their fake gun pointed to Prue's back  thought it was probably  somebody who liked screaming . When the four people arrived at where the screaming had come  from the four people were horrified . was another corpse .Prue then noticed an second envelope this time on the victims back and blood was pouring out as well , the entire body was more blood than the first victim .

" Blood bath or what" Prue said to the others

The three students who had cornered her had ignored her , Prue had almost forgot to pick up the envelope , she picked  it up and opened it there was no card only a piece of folded paper she unfolded the paper the three students looked over her shoulder it seemed that now that Prue had opened a letter that hadn't belonged to her or them they seemed to be getting intersted .  The piece of paper that was folded said this ' you shall meet your end the glorious blood bath and you are only the second person to die , i am hungry for blood and death, people will cower at the end of everything '  Prue knew then that the callous killer had to be stopped before a third person fell to their deaths .will the three pranksters get what is coming to them ? And will Prue be able to stop the third persons death ?

















































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