Hi. I Hate You. (A Harry Fanfiction)

~ rated 14+ ~ Lexis just wanted a normal life. She wants to grow up and get out of this pricky town of Cheshire, England. She wants to go to college and master in photography. What's holding her back? Harry. Yeah, I said it. Harry Styles. From One Direction? Bet you've heard of them. He hurts me and abuses me everyday. He makes me sick. I hate him. All the horrid things he does to me.. Bruises all over my innocent body, no wait. He took that from me too. My innocence. The one thing I had left. My parents are dead. Im an only child.. Through all the things harry does though, I still find a reason to love him. He was my best friend...


4. Please, Skip With Me




Me: "I'm not going to school today."

Jake: "What? Why!?"

Me: "I'm sick, and I'm sore."

Jake: "What do you mean, 'sore'?"

Me: "Jake.."

Jake: "Oh.. Okay. Get better."

Me: "Okay, thanks. Jake?"

Jake: "Hm?"

Me: "Can you spend the day home with me?"

Jake: "I-I don't know.."

Me: "Please ask your mum."

Jake: "Alright, hold on."


Jake: "She said I could.. She's all like, 'I understand.. Just go.' and yeah."

Me: "Tell her I say thanks, on your way over."

Jake: "Alrighty, when do you want me to come over?"

Me: "As soon as possible. Please."

Jake: "Is he home?"

Me: "Yeah, but he's asleep."

Jake: "Front door, or window?"

Me: "Doesn't matter... Just text me and tell me when you're close so I can have it ready."

Jake: "Cool, I'll hurry. See you soon.. Toodles."

Me: "Cya."

I got up quickly and put a sports bra on under my lose pajama shirt. It hurt to get up.. He hasn't treated me so rough before. I put on a small amount of makeup, and brushed my teeth and hair. My phone buzzed on the bathroom counter.


From: Jake(:

To: Me

Hey, I'm almost there.. Comin' up the driveway now -Jake x


From: Me

To: Jake(:

Alrighty, imma on my way to da door -Lexis x


I put my phone in my pocket and opened the door quietly. He walked in and then I closed it. I grabbed his hand and pulled him upstairs to my room.

"Lexis," he whispered, "you're not sick.. are you?"

I shook my head. We heard a thud.. It was Harry. I gave Jake a scared look.

He reassured me, "It'll be alright. To the closet, quick." and I nodded, following him.

We closed the door, and Harry walked into my room. I curled up to Jake.. "Sh." and Jake obeyed. Harry sat on my bed, and we could see through the cracks that he was staring at us.

He muttered out, "Get out of the closet, bitch. You can't hide from me."

Jake kissed my temple and said, "..Before he gets any more mad." and I nodded, both of us then walked out.

"Hello Harry." I said with a fake smile.

He looked right at Jake with a pissed off face, "LEXIS, WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?"

"Hazza, I-I can explain.." I studdered, "Haz, before you say anything... He's just a friend."

"Why is he HERE?!" He started getting more angry.

"I asked him to come over, to give me company for the day. Calm down." I said.

He grinned, "You don't tell me what to do, I tell you what to do." and he started walking over to us.

Jake held out his hand, "Uh, hello. Im Jake.. You're Harry, right?"

Harry stared at his hand. He didn't reply... I told Jake to do anything he had to do, to get on Harry's side so Harry would like him. He didn't want me to get hurt either.

Jake put on a fake smile, "I've heard alot of great things about you, sir."

"Oh, have you?" Harry asked, shocked.

"Yeah," Jake continued, "You seem like a sweet man. Very handsome too."

"Thank you." Harry said, taken aback. "Well, you're welcome to stay the day.. I guess."

I was suprised. With that, he left the room. We both sighed.

Jake said, "None of that was true.. You know that right?"

"Of course." I said back.

We sat down on my bed, and just talked. The whole day. It was amazing, just my best friend and I.

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