Hi. I Hate You. (A Harry Fanfiction)

~ rated 14+ ~ Lexis just wanted a normal life. She wants to grow up and get out of this pricky town of Cheshire, England. She wants to go to college and master in photography. What's holding her back? Harry. Yeah, I said it. Harry Styles. From One Direction? Bet you've heard of them. He hurts me and abuses me everyday. He makes me sick. I hate him. All the horrid things he does to me.. Bruises all over my innocent body, no wait. He took that from me too. My innocence. The one thing I had left. My parents are dead. Im an only child.. Through all the things harry does though, I still find a reason to love him. He was my best friend...


2. Harry, You're Drunk



"C'mon Lexis, get in." Harry yelled from his car. He was driving slowly, beside me.. I was on the sidewalk.

I snapped, "No, Harry. It's fine. I can walk home okay." and I clearly wasn't thinking because afterwards I realized what I said... and WHO I said it to. Harry. "Shit." I mumbled to myself.

I turned my head back to the car, "I'm sorry Harry! I didn't mean to-.."

He cut me off, "Just get in." and I obeyed.



"Harry! Get Lexis her present!" I heard Harry's mum say. I smiled. I'm finally 13!

He yelled, "Okay!" and then looked back at me, "I'll be right back, love."

I nodded. And he rushed upstairs. I sat there, thinking how great life is. My parents died, but they put me in the care of Harry and his mum... I live with my best friend!

He snapped me out of my thinking, "Lexis? You there,"

I looked at him, "Oh yeah, sorry." and he just laughed.

He handed me an envelope. It was sort of plump, "Here, made from the heart.. To the best person in the world." and I blushed. There was a card that read,

"Dear Lexis,

You are my best friend. You always will be.

We will have eachother forever and ever.

Whenever you need someone to talk to, I'm here.

You're gorgeous, inside and out. Don't let anybody tell you anything different.

I'm so glad you moved in! Now we can stay up on weekends and just chat.

Watch the telly late at night.

I'll never forget you, please never forget me.

Please keep this card in memory of what we have..

So when we grow up, we'll have something to look back on.

I can't wait to see how we turn out when we grow up.

Maybe even buy a house full of cats?(;

I love you, to infinity and beyond.

From you're love,

Harry Styles"




I thought of that letter. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. If only Harry would remember that letter, and know how special he was to me. He doesn't even understand how close we actually were... And how badly I wished I could go back there. Indeed, I do still have that letter. It's hidden in my desk drawer in my room. I miss him so much.

We arrived at the house and right when I walked in, I ran to my room. Harry's drunk.. So I locked the door. Do you understand how hard it is to live with someone who was once your best friend, but now rapes and beats you almost every night? No. Words don't even describe it.

I heard a knock at my door. I didn't bother to answer it, I already had makeup running down my cheeks from the crying. I had my head in my knees. I was just sobbing, about how great everything used to be.

"Lexis! Let me in!" Harry yelled.

I screemed back, "Why can't I ever get some space?!"

"Because this is my house! Now open up!!" He was annoyed.. So was I for that matter.

I replied with a sassy tone, "No Harry. It's OUR house." and by the time I was done saying that, he smashed the door down.

"What did you say?" He asked. He heard me though. But I gave in, I'm tired of his games.

"Nothing." and sighed.

He got angry, "Why do you look so ugly? Black shit on your cheeks.."

"Wow, thank you. You sure do know how to flirt with a girl." I sarcastically said... Now regretting it. He sat down by me on the bed. His side sunk in a little more than mine.

He looked at me, "... Just me and you, or you and your little friend... While me and my friends watch? ... Telling you what to do."

I sighed, "Me and you."

"Whats the magic word?" He asked. He thinks I like it. He thinks that he pleasures me and that I fancy him. He's wrong. About everything.

I said, "Please."

"Moan it to me, tell me you want it. The right way." He blurted.

I looked at him and said, "C'mon Harry, please fuck me.."

He reached his hand around my neck and whispered into my ear, "No need to be so desperate." and then smashed his lips onto mine. I moved in sync with him. I obeyed him, otherwise I would be tortured. He started kissing me down my jawline and onto my neck. I arched back, giving him more space to hickey me. He started licking my collarbone. Great. Just fucking great. He found my sweet spot. He knew it too. I bit my lip trying to hold in a moan that was trying to escape my lips. But he playfully bit the skin and I let lose, I moaned. I could feel him smirking as he did this. He took of his shirt, then proceeded to mine. WHY. He was so fit and ugh. I am slowly finding myself completely turned on. He took off my shirt, and then cupped my bra. His hands slowly glided to unhatch the bra hook. I arched my back so he could undo it. Wait, Lexis. Stop. Oh my god, I want him. Fuck my life. Oh wait, Harry is already doing that. He tongue kissed me another time while throwing my bra across the room. He didn't taste of alcohol anymore. So, he's doing this for me and him now? Does he... Like me?

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