Two worlds

Two worlds. One girl. She has a secret that nobody knows (in both worlds) will she be able to survive? Her family doesn't even know. Only her best friend understands her. Everyone else thinks she's crazy. What will happen? You have to reAd to find out. Comment suggestions!


1. Can I trust her?

I'm back. I'm awake. All I could think about was what had just happened. What has been happening. "Scarlet! Breakfast!" My mother called. I sat up thinking about all of the things my mother, and father & sister, didn't know. I'm surprised they hadn't noticed since I have such sharp teeth and a constant craving for meat. I'm a vampire. But my powers are useless in the mortal world. Every night as my body sleeps, my soul goes to the underworld, where I have my own home, and am free to show who I am. All of my friends there are monsters of all kinds. That legendary feud between vampires and werewolfs- completely fake. My best friend is a werewolf. I just found out last night. I ate breakfast and got ready for school (I'm in eighth grade). As I walked through the halls I could feel people staring at me. It was normal though. I just had one thing on my mind. I had to tell her. I have kept it from her for too long. My best friend was waiting for me at the lunch benches. I had to know if I could trust her. But how? How could I know without being suspicious? It was time she found out that I am the vampire she is best friends with in the underworld. She is a werewolf. They get angry easily, but (like dogs) are very trustworthy. I had to tell her immediately. It would make things a lot easier in our friendship.
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