How To Live,Love And Escape.

This story is about a girl named Aubrey an a boy named Austin who both live in a big town where everyone is supposed to be perfect and not to have fears and more importantly you know who your spouse is. But Aubrey doesn't. Her parents died when she was 14. She is 16 now and lives in a house. Well I shouldn't really call it living. She is hiding in her boyfriend, Austin's, house. Meanwhile he is going to be forced to be married to a girl named Syria who is the meanest girl in the area. their town is the only town left in South America. what will they do? Will Austin marry Syria or will he run away with Aubrey.? There is only one way to find out. So I think you should get your food and drank on and see ya!!


1. 1


Hello my name is Aubrey Lia I live in a town called Maraba. I used to live with my parents, but they died two years ago when I was 14. Well they didn't really die they got murdered. By one of the towns leaders. no one knew I existed then. My parents kept me a secret to everyone but my siblings. But one day I snuck out. I saw my parents drive away so I just left. they didn't know I did that though. Everyone was gone when I left. so I just walked out the door. not caring if I left it open. All I wanted to do was find anyone. Someone who could understand me. But I don't know what's not to understand. My life has always been "Aubrey, we have guests over you need to go and hide in the basement." they said that nicely but if I sneezed or coughed, my parents would beat me after whoever  was here left. But one day i was out and i met someone. someone who knew of my existence. His name was Austin Garish. He was tall and looked strong and he had the most  beautiful face I've ever seen. he looked about 15 or 16, 17 at the most and i knew from that moment on we would be inseparable. The first words he said were "Hi my name is Austin Garish, whats yours?" So then i said my name was Aubrey then he said  "Your Aubrey? I've heard of you but didn't think you existed!"

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