Stay with you or move on.

Juliet , she was the girl that falled in love with her friend the girl who stayed with him, the girl that has a child of his, the girl that was gonna marry him, the girl that didnt kno that one day another guy will come, the girl that lost her love, Austin Mahone


5. When you're gone.

I woke up... Dizzy. "DOCTOR?" I yelped. "Ahh Juliet you are awake, how do you feel?" The doctor said. "Im fine but wheres Austin?" I asked.. "Austin Mahone.... The guy that donated his heart to you?" The doctor said. Tears filled my eyes.. "What...?!" I screamed. "He donated his heart to save you Juliet.... He is a nice man.." The doctor said. Tears fell heavy. 



4 Years Later•


I put my shoes on. I saw a little Lizzy run into my room playfully. "Mommy, when will i see my daddy!" Lizzy said. "Oh lizzy... Soon you will always see him." I said. "But i wanna see him now... What happen to him." Lizzy said. Tears filled my eyes. "Lets just say your daddy was a good man... And if u ever wanna touch his heart.. You can feel mine.. " i said. "Can i touch?" Lizzy said. "Of course." I said guiding her hand.  She softly put her hand on my chest. "I can feel it mommy.!" Lizzy said. Ever since i had Austins heart. Im more emotional. My heart jumps when i see certain things. When i see Lizzy. Austins heart jumps because... Thats his daughter... Lizzy Mahone. The daughter of Austin Mahone. 


For the love of Austin Mahone. The man i fell in love with. 

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