Stay with you or move on.

Juliet , she was the girl that falled in love with her friend the girl who stayed with him, the girl that has a child of his, the girl that was gonna marry him, the girl that didnt kno that one day another guy will come, the girl that lost her love, Austin Mahone


2. Leave me.

I was crying, austin whisepered something to his buddy and told me to sit. I sat down . "You loed to me again." He said. "No austin you dont understand." I said. "I just dont want you to see your baby cuz u never let me explain, wanna know how i got that bute, vecause a new boy came in work, i was about to die but then he beat him up saving my life and the baby, he bit me in the neck later ok and you know what he is more caring than you are because u know what were together and even if it isnt his fucking baby he will take care of it .!" I said. Layers of tears were noticeable on his eyes. A girl syddenly came in. "Ready to go babe.?" She said. I gave her a dirty look. "Look austin i guess u did move on just please stay away from me and your child " i said right infront of her. She gasped. "Look Juliet im sorry i never had te chance to let u explain we will be married right now if i didnt call of the wedding, i shouldve listen to you im sorry i never want to let you go u know how hard it is to forget you.! I cry every night for you .! Please juliet i might not recieve another chance but i still love you." He said. YOU SHOULD SEE THE SLUTS FACE.! HILARIOUS. "Sorry...." I said. I walked out and went back home. I cried right in front of him. "JULIET, whats wrong .?" He asked. "I saw him i saw him harry , HE KNOWS, he knows about his baby harry he knows... Austin." I cried . Harry quickly hugged me. I cried on his chest. I love harry.

3months LATERR•
I was playing with baby annabell until harry joined in. "She is beautiful like you ." Harry said. "Thanks harry." Even thought she looked more alike than austin. Her smile the eyes. "Wanna go to starbucks.?" Harry asked. "Sure cmon.!" I said. We stopped at starbucks and stopped. Harry told me to sit that he will get the drinks , harry waited on the line. I looked at annabell. "One day your dad will care so much to see you." I said. "How about now.?" A voice behind me said. I turn to see austin. Oh. He reached i guess to touch her. "No get away from her." I said. "Please Juliet." Austin said. "Wheres your girlfriend." I said. "I dont have one." He said. "Im sorry austin please just leave u never cared about me or the baby." I said. "I do PLEASE JULIET I REALIZED EVERYTHING IM SORRY." He said . "Problem here." Harry came back. Austin turned to look at him. "So this is the guy ur in love with huh he seems i guess more caring for u since i guess im not, bye juliet." He said. Something in my body told me to run up to austin and hug him. I guess thats what i did. I ran up to austin. "Austin please dont leave austin you are right please dont leave im sorry im so sorry.... But i cant be with you." I said. He huged back. "I understand." He said and let go and walked off. Tears filled my eyes . I went to harry. "Lets go we have nothing more to do here. " i said
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