Stay with you or move on.

Juliet , she was the girl that falled in love with her friend the girl who stayed with him, the girl that has a child of his, the girl that was gonna marry him, the girl that didnt kno that one day another guy will come, the girl that lost her love, Austin Mahone


4. in a heart beat.

Austins pov~

i knew one day again she would have a problem. If i have to donate my heart i will. Risking my life for juliet is what i  will do.

Juliets pov~

i saw memories from my life flash before my eyes. 

~I kissed austin in the cheek at his words. we were in the hospital for a while. "I will donate my heart just to save you ." he said. i cried. "you are crazy." i said.~

i only saw the special memories pass, when i was with austin. God i wish i saw him right now. i woke up by four eyes staring at me. Austin and Harry. 


Harrys pov~

i saw her flutter her eyes open , she sat there silent. she knew what happened. 

"So, juliet apperently you got a bad heart again, and its a donors heart, it isnt possible, this shouldnt happen especially when u have a donor, but yes, unless someone will donate their heart then i so far cant help you, you oly have a matter of time,like a year." the doctor said. 

......Tears filled in my eyes, austins , and juliets ...noo i promise id take care of her, im donating my heart, u cant stop me.

"Ill donate my heart." i suddenly spoke but austin said the same thing. Juliet got startled. "No dont please just let me go on please i want one of you to take care of annabell." Juliet said. "No juliet i want to make u happy i want myself to die happy i cant possibly let u die u have a baby girl." austin said. 


Juliets pov~

No i couldnt let them give away their heart, never.

tears spilled over my eyes. "harry give me and austin a moment please." i said. Harry nodded and walked out the door. "Austin please dont do this." i said. "Im sorry juliet for what ive done i love you so much, i know giving my heart to you will be the best descision i know because u will have my heart." he said. "what about ur fans.!" i screamed. "I COULD CARE LESS JULIET, I LOVE give me a kiss goodbye." he said. i leaned in to kiss him, what is worst than losing the guy u still dearly loved, the guy that gave you is own heart. its heartbreaking. i miss those kisses. "i love you juliet, i have to go." he said. Tears spilled again. i know what hes gonna do but i didnt stop him i dont know why . he knew if i try to stop him he will still go . 


"Juliet, apperently we had recieve a person that will donate his heart. its time." a doctor came in with a bed. 





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