Stay with you or move on.

Juliet , she was the girl that falled in love with her friend the girl who stayed with him, the girl that has a child of his, the girl that was gonna marry him, the girl that didnt kno that one day another guy will come, the girl that lost her love, Austin Mahone


3. Broken hearted.

It hurts so much to see Austin in so much pain right now. "Look Juliet if u want to go back with Austin, I understand, he still loves you." Harry said. I stood there crying. "I would Harry but I just couldn't take it no more." I said. "Everyone deserves a second chance." Harry said. "Harry will u still love me.?" I asked. "Always." He said kissing me. "I'm sorry Harry but I can't take it no more. I don't know what to do, I love Austin but ........-" "but what ....Juliet.?!" Harry said. Pain struck in my heart. It hurts so much. Did I tell u I had heart problems when I was little. Yes I have a heart donor. I don't have my own heart. Austin knew about it of course. He was always there for me. Next you know all I hear is baby annabell crying.

Harry's pov•
She fainted.! Baby annabell cried . She fell on the ground but I catch her. What happened.? I quickly grabbed the phone and dialed , yes Austin. "Hello.?" He said, probably crying . "Austin it's Harry, did Juliet ever had some problems when she was younger like health .?" I asked. "Yes she had heart problems, she has a donor she takes medication everyday .why.?" He said. No wonder she had to go to the store. She needs her medication. "Meet me at the hospital .!" I said . I hanged up quickly and grabbed baby Annabell. I headed to the car and headed to the hospital.
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