Stay with you or move on.

Juliet , she was the girl that falled in love with her friend the girl who stayed with him, the girl that has a child of his, the girl that was gonna marry him, the girl that didnt kno that one day another guy will come, the girl that lost her love, Austin Mahone


1. Another guy

Juliets pov• "Wha-How did u know.!" I said. "I can totally tell. " harrys said pointing. "Ive heard about u were gonna get married but the wedding was called off." Harry said. "Well yea." I said. "And does he not care for the baby." He asked. "Yes he does, but i told him i had a miscarrige but i just dont want him to see his baby." I said. Harry just stood there. "Arent u suppose to be at the bookstore." I cut the silence. "Well yea but i got bored." He said. I sighed. "Was it my fault." Harry asked. "What." I said. "Was it my fault the wedding was called off." He asked. I stood there not knowing what to say. "I- i dont-" "If it then im sorry ok i didnt mean it to happen." He said hugging me putting his arms around my waist putting his ear against my stomach. "Hmm i could feel him trying to kick." Harry said. "But im only a few weeks pregnant ." I said. "Doesnt matter." He said smiling showing his dimples. We stood there in silence. "You still want the baby." He asked. "Well yea." I said. "Good ." He said. He acts like he is the father of this baby . How --cute-- I smiled. Maybe This Harry boy can change my life. "And harry please dont stalk me again." I said. "Haha sorry." He said. I smiled . "Wanna go back to Jane's house.?" I asked. "Yuhh but are you sure you are fine." He asked. "Yea ." I said. My head hurt s little but i wasnt bleeding.we walked in silence but until he broke it, "You are really too beautiful for some to give you back right.?" he said " Thanks harry " but it doesnt fix what happened. we arrived at janes place. " JULIE- harry didnt i tell u to take care of the bookstore.?" jane asked "i got bored." he said " NO excuse harry ugh im heading there anyways." she said annoyed. "NO TOUCHY ." she said leaving. harry smiled showing his dimples. i poked the dimples on his cheek . "heyy what was that for." he asked " sorry they are so cute .!" i said. "HAHAHA lets see yours.!" he said tickling me making me laugh. god how long was it when i last time laughed.? "AWEE THEY SO CUTEEEE.!" he said poking them. "ok harry u seen enough dimples."  i exclaimed. 



yes me and harry are in a relationship. we kissed the first time 2 months after we met. yes i still have the baby, no i never heard anything from austin ever since. i still miss him. i just wish i gave him the last kiss goodbye. i cry everyday for him. but move on is what he did. i should do the same. "omg the baby is kicking.!" i shrieked. "omg can i feel.?" harry asked. "sure." i said. He softly placed his hands around my fat round belly. "shes beautiful." he said. "how do u know when u havent seen her yet." i asked. "i dont have to see her to tell that she is beautiful." he said. i kissed him on his compliment. No, we havent had sex since we were together because im pregnant. "harry." i said. "Yea.?" "will u ever take care of the baby even if it isnt yours." i said. he looked a little hurt. "Yes i will no matter what." he said kissing my belly. i shed a tear, i love you harry. "dont cry." harry noticed. " sorry i just get emotional at your comments." i said. he wiped the tear. "i love you juliet." he said. im not ready to marry anyone not even harry yet. "ima go to the store okay.?" he asked "sure." i said. he left . i got bored so i took a walk. being pregnant sucks, but imm  use to it.. i past starbucks and decided to go in. i sat down. i was looking down at mi belly touching it. "i love you annabell." i said. yes i wanna name her annabell. i love the name. i looked up. Austin used to work at starbucks. thats maybe i came in here. i shed atear as i remember me and austin. i wiped it and walked up to the cashier. "may i help you .?" a guy said. "yes can i have a-" "juliet.?" he interrupted. "what how do u kno my name.!" i asked "its me." he said. Austin. oh shii oh hell no MAKE A RUN FOR IT JULIET . "austin i-" "i thought u had a mis carrige." he said . i shed a tear.  i didnt know what to say. 

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