"Isn't She Lovely?"

Harry Styles hasn't always made the best life decisions. When a tragic event results in him confronting his past, emotions stir and his life changes drastically. Follow Raegan, Harry's little secret, as she loses her mother and is forced to meet her father for the very first time. Read along as she learns to accept her life with her newly found father, and faces the complications and advantages of living with five young men.


6. Not That Old



Chapter Six:

Not That Old



Before I could say anything, I was standing in Niall’s room watching him pack. He had a habit of dragging me everywhere. I guess he thought I was incapable of walking. I watched him throw several clothes into a bag before interrupting.

“How long do you plan on staying?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“As long as it takes for you to pack all your shit,” he smiles.

I gestured toward his bag, “So, you think it’s gonna take me a month to pack?”

“Well you are one of ‘them,’” he responds.

“One of what?” I say confused.

He begins to lean in close to my ear. My eyes grow wide as he whispers, “A female.” I hit him in the shoulder while trying to suppress a laugh. I liked Niall. He made things here not so bad.

“Are you two kids ready?” I heard someone say. I turned around to see Liam standing in the doorway. I was quite shocked to hear his voice, actually. I had only heard him say two things the entire time I’ve been here. He didn’t sound so thrilled the first time.

“Almost, dad!” Niall whined. I chuckled, catching Liam rolling his eyes. “Hurry up, or we’ll miss our flight,” he said walking out of the room. I’m still not sure about Liam. He seems nice, but I can’t quite read him.


On the plane, I got stuck in the middle. Niall requested the aisle seat so he could have full access to the flight attendant incase he got hungry, and Liam asked if he could sit by the window. I had no problem with that except it was an eighteen hour flight and I’m a “side sleeper.” That’s fine if you’re flying with your mom or your best friend, however I was flying with two men that I’ve known for less than twenty four hours.

                Sure enough I had fallen asleep and didn’t wake up until about a third of the way through the flight. As my eyes adjusted I noticed everything was at an odd angle. Oh shit. I immediately sat up as straight as possible repeatedly apologizing to Liam. I had done it.. I had fallen asleep on Liam’s shoulder.

“I’m so sorry!” I said, feeling awful.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, chuckling at my reaction.

“It’s just such a habit..I didn’t mean to..” I stopped.  There was really no point in explaining myself, he didn’t care. Why was that? Why was he so cool about it? If some stranger had fallen asleep on my shoulder I would have freaked out. “Next time just slap me,” I said, smiling awkwardly.

“Noted,” he said smiling. I laughed at him in attempt to cover up my awkwardness. I’m not so sure if it worked. That’s it. No more falling asleep. I have to stay awake. Maybe I should just talk to Niall, he loves to talk. As I turn to look at Niall I see that he’s out cold. Cool. I lean back in my chair trying to stay awake. I think about starting up a conversation with Liam, but then decided I’ve embarrassed myself enough. Before I know it, I’ve drifted to sleep again.

I’m suddenly awoken by the sound of the flight attendant’s voice over the intercom. “If I could have everyone’s attention for a moment, I’d like to let you all know we will be landing shortly, please take a moment and make sure your safety belt is fastened properly. Thank You.” Before I can even process what’s going on, I notice I had fallen asleep on Liam again. I sit up as fast as I can, getting ready to apologize when I see Liam’s big caramel eyes stretched in every direction blinking uncontrollably. It was apparent I had scared that crap out of him.

“I’m so sorry!” he said.

 “For what?” I reply, unsure of what he’s apologizing for. I see him rubbing his eyes and made the assumption that he had fallen asleep as well.

“I must have fallen asleep,” he said, quite embarrassed.

“Payback’s a bitch,” I said, laughing. He must have gotten a kick out of that, because a huge smiled flashed across his face.

“I guess you could put it that way,” he said chuckling. We laughed for a moment before turbulence kicked in. “You think we should wake Niall?” he asked, still sort of chuckling.

“Do we have to?” I teased. We both knew how much Niall loved to talk; sometimes it was better when he slept.

“No, I’m sure we could leave him here. Someone would recognize him eventually. I mean, we’re not that old,” he said.

“A little cocky, are you?” I said raising my eyebrows. “I bet half the people here don’t even remember what One Direction was.”

“Really? Because I’m pretty sure we made quite the impact,” he smirked.

“Yeah, maybe on the dinosaurs,” I provoked him.

“That’s it, young one. You get to deal with Niall for rest of the night,” he said, crossing his arms.

“Nooo!” I pleaded. “Anything but Niall!” I laughed. He began laughing too and I could see Niall starting to wake up. “Dang it. Our plan is foiled.” I said, smirking at Niall.

“Whaa? What plan?” he asked, sleepily. Liam and I just laughed as the plane finally landed.


I turned the knob to the apartment and walked in, Niall and Liam following close behind. I couldn’t help but to close my eyes and relax. This was home.

The first thing I did was find my phone. When the cop had come, I hadn’t had the chance to grab it off the counter. As I picked it up and flipped it open, I saw exactly what I had expected. Thirty-eight missed calls, and fourteen text messages. I knew exactly who they were from before I even checked them. All thirty-eight calls and twelve of the fourteen text messages were from Addelyn. Addelyn was my best friend and had no idea any of this had happened. She probably thought I was dead. Whoops. The other two text messages were divided between Noah and Peyton. Noah and Peyton were twins who I had gotten to know very well over the years. In fact, Noah was my closest friend, apart from Addelyn. How we met was kind of… interesting. I wasn’t the nicest kid in my first grade class. So, when one of the boys, Noah to be specific, took my favorite green crayon, I didn’t hesitate to pound his face in. Okay, so I pushed him in the sand. It had the same impact for a first grader. My teacher told my mom, and my mom made me apologize to him. The kid was kind of a wimp, but he was nice. He immediately accepted my apology and we instantly became best friends. I met his twin sister, Peyton, later in life. She was super cool too, so it was easy for us all to get along.

Noah knew that if I didn’t respond I was busy, so he didn’t bother sending me multiple texts. I’m assuming the only reason Peyton texted me was because Noah noticed I hadn’t gotten back to him in a few days. I knew I was going to be in big trouble with all of them. I was moving away. I didn’t even get an advance, so there weren’t even any “last goodbyes.” Maybe Niall would let me see them before we leave. I sure hope so.

I knew I had to get packing, so I didn’t bother reading/listening to what my messages had to say. I left Niall and Liam to look around, while I went to my room and began packing everything I could fit in my suitcase.

It had been less than 10 minutes before Niall came prancing through the door. He sat on the bed and watched me go through things.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Nope,” he said nonchalantly. I decided to ignore him, and began going through my closet. In about an hour I had the majority of my room packed. What I couldn’t fit, Niall let me put in his suitcase. When my room was down to its basic mix of furniture and unwanted papers, Niall got up and walked to my closet. I had apparently forgotten something.

After a minute of silence, he turns around and stares at me in disbelief. “You’re not packing this?!” he shouts holding up a beat up, faded One Direction poster.

I roll my eyes. “That thing is older than dirt.”

“Hey!” he complains. “I happen to look fantastic,” he smirks.

“I never even wanted that thing,” I said.

“How come? Weren’t a fan of the music?” he asked, looking a bit hurt.

“No, it’s not that. Hell, I was so little when you guys were popular that I liked everything I heard on the radio. It’ just that, my mom told me my “dad” sent that for my birthday. I was old enough to know that he didn’t. I knew that she bought it and said he did to make me feel better about the subject, but it didn’t work.” I said, looking down. “I accepted it with a smile to make her feel better, but I threw it to the back of my closet, planning to get rid of it as soon as she forgot she’d given it to me.” I could see Niall was still a little hurt. “Don’t worry! I had nothing against the band! I didn’t even know Harry was my father.” I was a surprised at what I had just said. What a little shit. My mom had bought me a poster of my father. Then she tells me it’s from him. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought. Very clever, Mom. Verrrry clever. “I just didn’t want anything from my ‘dad,’” I finished.

He nodded understandingly. I smiled softly, hoping he didn’t take anything too personally.

“Believe me, if I knew the blonde one was this cool, I would have hung it up!” I said, trying to cheer him up. It must have worked because he immediately started smiling.

“You think I’m cool?” he asked, anxiously.

I yawned and looked at the clock. It was already eleven. “Maybe a little.” I smiled, yawning again. He must have caught on because he yawned too. “We can finish this tomorrow,” I said. “How about we just get some sleep?”

He nodded and then raised his eyebrows. “I wonder what happened to Liam,” he said suppressing another yawn. Liam? I had totally forgotten about him. Where did he go?

Niall and I walked into the main room and instantly noticed Liam asleep on the couch. “I guess he was tired too,” I say almost laughing.

“Yeah, I guess,” Niall smiled. He then walked over and threw a blanket on top of him. “Goodnight, Angel,” he whispered, smiling, then returned back at my side.

“I think I’m gonna go sleep in my mom’s room. You can take mine. Is that, cool?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me,” he said, slowly walking back to my room. “Goodnighttt.”

“Goodnight ,” I whispered.


I stood by my mother’s doorway for several minutes before building up enough courage to walk in. “I have to be strong,” I whispered, barely audible. When I finally did, I hesitated before getting into bed. I wrapped the warm comforter over me and laid my head down on the pillow. I could still smell her scent. Without warning, tears filled my eyes, and began running down my face. The pain in my chest was unbearable. I hated feeling like this. The tears kept coming, and there was no sign of stopping them anytime soon. I could only really say one thing to express how I was feeling.

“I miss you, Mom.”

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