"Isn't She Lovely?"

Harry Styles hasn't always made the best life decisions. When a tragic event results in him confronting his past, emotions stir and his life changes drastically. Follow Raegan, Harry's little secret, as she loses her mother and is forced to meet her father for the very first time. Read along as she learns to accept her life with her newly found father, and faces the complications and advantages of living with five young men.


5. "I'm what?"



Chapter Five:

"I'm what?"



I had almost managed a laugh as Niall pulled me to the final step of the stairs. Unfortunately, all hope in that was lost when we reentered the living room area. The dead silent room seemed to get quieter as I walked in. Niall finally let go of my hand as he tossed me on the couch. He sat down beside me with a grin on his face. I’m glad someone’s happy.

                From what I could see the dark haired boy, properly known as Zayn, had passed out on the couch, and caramel eyes, also known as Liam, hadn’t moved an inch from his original position. I scanned the room but Harry and Louis were nowhere to be found. I began feeling guilty again. Harry doesn’t want me here. He left. I’m in his past, I shouldn’t be here. Lucky for him I didn’t want to be! I was be forced to by law. I hope he knew that. Wait. What am I saying? I don’t care if this isn’t what Harry wants. He can suck it up! He deserves every bit of this.

My hate for Harry and my guilt from intruding fought battles in my head. It’s true; I didn’t want to be here. But it was also true that Harry didn’t want me here. I should be happy about that, but it just makes me feel worse. I’m conflicted, and I don’t know what to do.

                As I shake myself from my thoughts, I look up and catch Liam’s gaze. He can tell something’s on my mind. He looks at me in concern, but I don’t expect him to say anything. I try to tell him not to worry through my facial expressions, but I have a bad feeling that I added to his concern. I wasn’t the best face contortionist. You know what I’m talking about, right? Like when you try to look angry but end up looking constipated? Yeah, like that. I tried to tell him not to worry, but the look I shot him said something more along the lines of ‘I have cancer.’ I watched his warm caramel colored eyes widen and I decided facial expressions were probably not the best method of communication. I then shook my head trying to tell him to forget it, though I probably looked like I had Parkinson’s disease. Still, despite how ridiculous I looked, Liam got the message and replied with a thumbs up.

                I could feel my eyes growing heavier every minute. “Niall..” I begged. “Can I please go to sleep now?” He made me stay down there for half an hour before finally letting me go. The entire time he rambled on and on about—well I’m not exactly sure what he was talking about, I kind of zoned out. Point is, when he finally let me go, I couldn’t have found my bed faster.

I woke up the next morning around 9:00. As my eyes fluttered open I was a bit taken back by my surroundings. This place was going to take some getting used to. I got up and walked directly to my mirror where I reached down to pick up my brush. To my surprise nothing was there. Right. All my things were back in Colorado. I sighed, and began brushing my hair out with my fingers. I looked like shit. No, I looked worse than shit. I finally tore my eyes from my putrid appearance and walked over to the window. I stood there for several minutes soaking in London’s beauty. As I turned around to go downstairs I realized how incredibly awkward that would be. “What am I suppose to do?” I thought. “I can’t live up here forever.” What Niall had said the night before began bouncing around inside my head, “You have to get used to us eventually!” The thought haunted me. Maybe I didn’t want to get “used” to them. As soon as I turn 18, I’m out. Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t even turned 17 yet. “Sixty-two days.” I whispered to myself, searching for something to get me through. Yeah, sixty-two plus 365. Well, at least it was a start.

                I slowly began to turn the door knob hoping that maybe I could “sneak out.” If anyone was downstairs I could just run back to my room. My room? Weird. Let’s not get too attached. I creeped down the hallway carefully placing my feet in attempt to stay quiet, but right as I was about to reach the stairs I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Hi, ya!” I basically jumped out of my skin.

“JESUS NIALL!” I screamed in sort of a hushed tone; almost as if it was meant to be a whisper. He began laughing hysterically. “That wasn’t funny!” I say, kind of embarrassed.

“I thought it was,” he smirked. “What are you doing, anyway?”

“Going downstairs,” I said nonchalantly.

“You afraid you’ll wake Grandma?” he teased.

“No! I just...” I trailed off.

“Wanted to avoid everyone if at all possible?” he smiled mockingly.


As if it was déjà vu, Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs. I didn’t fight back, let alone say anything because I knew it would be worthless. He dragged me into the kitchen and pointed to a barstool.

“Sit.” He smiled.

“What am I, your new pet?” I said sarcastically.

“Might as well be,” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes and watched him dance around the kitchen. He dug through cupboards and cupboards before finding what he was looking for. “Got it!” His hand shot upward holding a box of pop tarts.

“That’s my gourmet breakfast?” I tease.

“This is a bachelor’s pad. What’d you expect Eggs Benedict?” he snorted.

“By the looks of this place I wouldn’t expect anything less.” We both laughed a little before he suddenly stopped and started staring at me.

“What?” I said, confused.

“Did you sleep in those clothes?” Damn. He noticed how terrible I looked. What a confidence booster.

“Uhh, yeah. All my stuff is in Colorado.”

“You could of just borrowed something,” he shrugged.

That would have been real smooth. Hi Harry I’m the result of the girl you knocked up back in high school. I’ve come to live with you. Oh by the way do you have any clothes I can borrow? “Yeah, I don’t think that would have gone too well,” I finally say.

“Why not?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I don’t know anybody.”

He smiled, “You know me.”

I laughed, “Yeah, now!”

He continued his smile. “Soo.. do you need to go shopping or something?” he said while shoving a pop tart in his mouth.

“That’s not really an option since all my money’s in Colorado..” I say irritably.

He seems confused. “Your Harry Styles’s daughter?” he questions.

I almost spit out my pop tart at the sound of that. I don’t like being reminded. “What?! You expect me to use Harry’s money?!” I exclaimed.

He shrugged again.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.. I’ve known the guy for like five minutes!” I shout.

“Calm down, jeesh..” he says. I just roll my eyes. “So, what time shall we leave?” he asks.

Okay, now I’m confused. “Leave for what?” I ask.


“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Before I know it, Niall’s dragging me back up the stairs. “Niall, we can’t just up and go Colorado,” I say.

“Why not?” he asks, pulling me to one of the many doors in the long hallway. Before I can come up with a reason he starts pounding on the door. “HARRY! HARRRRY!!”

“Nia-What are you doing?!” I start to panic.

“HARRY, I’M TAKING RAEGAN TO COLORADO TO GET HER SHIT!” he yells through the door. Gee, thanks, Niall. All of a sudden I see Liam and Zayn emerge from their rooms.

“Niall, shh! You’re disturbing everyone,” I half whisper, half shout. He continues to ignore me. Before I knew it, Louis had come out of his room as well. Still no answer from Harry. I guess I made quite the impact.

Louis looks unamused. “What's with all the ruckus?” he asks. I can hear the annoyance in his voice.

“We're going to Colorado. Raegan left all her crap.” Thanks again, Niall. I start to protest but Louis looks at me and shrugs.


Without warning Zayn butts in, “You’re just gonna let her go all the way back to the states?! With Niall?!” Niall shoots him a glare. Louis shrugs. “You really trust Niall to bring her back? For all we know Niall may not even come back!” Zayn hollers. Why does he care?  I can hear Niall snickering under his breath, I couldn’t help from smiling a bit. If I had the chance, I wouldn’t come back.

“You’ve got a point,” Louis ponders and then looks to Niall. “That’s why Liam’s going with you,” he smiled and turned back into the room, shutting the door. All at once everyone turns and looks at Liam waiting for a response.

“I’m what?” 

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