"Isn't She Lovely?"

Harry Styles hasn't always made the best life decisions. When a tragic event results in him confronting his past, emotions stir and his life changes drastically. Follow Raegan, Harry's little secret, as she loses her mother and is forced to meet her father for the very first time. Read along as she learns to accept her life with her newly found father, and faces the complications and advantages of living with five young men.


13. Heavy Breathing



Chapter Thirteen:

Heavy Breathing



I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. I wasn't exactly sure why I was smiling, but there was no doubt that I was. I woke rather early, and took a nice long bath. Just so you know, the bathtub is just as great as the shower. After my bath, I brushed my long blonde curls out, and made the decision not to straighten them. I slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of running shorts, and made my way down to the kitchen. The house was quiet, like it usually is this early in the morning, for all the boys are sound asleep. I grabbed a granola bar from the kitchen, and made my way to the living room to watch a little televison. However, when I approached the couch, I found Zayn spread out across it. 

"Zayn," I said, shaking his shoulder. "Zaaayn."

"Whaaa?" he groaned, looking up, his eyes partially closed.

I couldn't help but laugh. "Looks like you didn't make it very far." 

Slowly but surely he began lowering his head again, falling back into his sweet slumber. I shrugged and decided to leave him alone. On my way back to my room, I ran into Niall in the hallway. He himself was still half asleep, and was wearing nothing but his sweat pants. 

"Heeey," he yawned, rubbing his eyes.

"Hi," I chuckled. "What are you doing?"

"Going to the bathroom," he said, his eyelids halfway shut.

"What's wrong with the one in your room?" 

"The whaaa??" he mumbled. 

"Don't you have a bathroom in your room?" I asked, calmly.

"You. Are. So. Smart," he said, yawning once again. 

I laughed. He was a mess. If you didn't know better, you'd think he was wasted. I don't blame him. Yesterday was a long day.. for everyone. "Let's get you back to your room," I said, leading him back toward his door.

"Sounds good," he mumbled.

As we reached his door, I began to walk away when he grabbed my wrist. I looked up to see his sleepy, crystal blue eyes staring down at me. I have to admit, "Sleepy Niall" was quite attractive. 

"What?" I said, shaking away my thoughts.

He stared a minute longer, before coming back to reality. "Nothing," he said quietly.  I could feel his warm breath on my face. 

"I think you should go back to bed, Niall," I said, laughing it off. 

"Okay," he smiled, returning to his room.

I shook my head and smiled, as I walked back down the long hallway. That boy is something else. On my way back to my room, I paused at Liam's door. It was partially open, and I had a clear view of his bed. He was sound asleep, laying shirtless, beneath his pure white covers. He looked so peaceful. I became consumed in my thoughts as I watched Liam sleep. So much had happened in the last couple days, that I really didn't even know how to react. Was he just, protecting me? If so, why was he holding my hand? If it was to calm me down in during the movie, I get that, but what about the car? I was perfectly fine in the car. All the different explanantions swarmed around in my head, and I began to feel sick. 

All of a sudden, Liam yawned and began stretching his arms. I pulled msyelf out of my thoughts and  tried to make it seem like I was just passing through, but before I could get away he saw me. At first he looked unsure as to why I was staring at him, but then he flashed me a warm smile. I smiled back awkwardly, not knowing what to do. 

"Sorry for waking you," I mouthed, trying to break the never ending silence.

"You didn't wake me," he mouthed back, smiling. 

I smiled back, more sincerely this time, and began walking back to my room. Once in my room, I sat back and began thinking of anything I could to get my mind off of Liam. My attempt failed. Within minutes, I was sprawled across my bed, staring at the ceiling. I thought again about confronting Liam. "Liam," I whispered. "What's been going on with you?" No. That doesn't sound right. "Is there something you need to tell me?" No, no, no. What if there isn't anything he has to tell me, and I'm just making this up. "Hey." Yeah. Hey. That's easy enough. Dear Lord, what am I doing? I sighed. This was useless. Before to long, I had thought myself to sleep. As my mind drifted into unconsciousness, I began dreaming. At first, all I saw was darkness. When light reappeared, and everything was visible again, I was sitting in my sad little apartment in Colorado. I was talking on the phone with Noah and Addelyn, laughing about Noah's new crush. "What?" he yelled. "She's cute!" Addelyn and I both busted into laughter as he tried to defend himself. All of a sudden, my phone started beeping, letting me know I had an incoming call. "Hold on, guys." I laughed, as I answered the call. As I listened to the person on the other line speak, my face dropped from my happy grin, to absolute disbelief. The phone dropped out of my hand, and I stared blankly ahead of me. My mouth dropped, gaping open, and tears began to form in my eyes.  My mother was dead. 

Chills ran down my spine, and my body cringed. For the first few minutes, I couldn't say anything. However, once I could, I began screaming. Tears blinded me, as I screamed bloody murder. "WHY?!" I screamed, picking up my phone and throwing it across the room. "WHYYYY?!?" My body began shaking repulsively as I began throwing everything I could get my hands on. Just then the lights flashed off. When they flashed back on again, I was lying in the middle of the floor, perfectly still. My usually full lips, were pale and cracked. My face dry as well, for I had finally produced every tear possible, and could make no more. My breathing slowed, but would occasionally stop all together, making me cough my lungs out. In a sense, I was dead. Nothing mattered to me anymore. The one person in the entire world-- no-- my entire world, was gone. 

I woke up in a cold sweat. I sat up immediately, trying to push those awful memories to the back off my mind. I looked up, panting only to see Liam standing in the doorway. When I looked at him he was smiling, but his smile quickly faded when he saw my sad expression. Instantly I looked back down, biting my lip, as the thoughts returned. In a flash, Liam was in front of me, throwing his arms around my shaking body. 

"It's okay," he whispered, pulling my head into his chest. "It's going to be okay." In response, I wrapped my arms around his waist, tears forming in my eyes. Just as he had done many times before, he held me until I finished crying. 

As our long hug came to an end, Liam lifted my chin up asking if I was alright. I nodded, letting him wipe away my remaining tears wit his thumbs. 

"Bad dream?" he asked, careful on the subject.

I nodded again, whispering, "My mom." 

His face grew even more concerned at the sound of my shaky voice. In the blink of an eye, he was positioned in front of me on the bed holding both my hands in his own. He said nothing, in fear he would say something that would trigger my tears again. 

"I'm okay," I said, the tears now gone. He looked at me hopefully, and I faked a smile. "Thank you," I finished, trying to get off the subject.

"No thanks necessary. I'm hear for you. Wherever. Whenever," he reassured me.

I nodded, smiling for real. More silence passed, before I spoke again. "L-liam?" I stuttered, still trying to steady my voice. 


I thought for a moment about what I was going to say. This may be the perfect time to confront him. "Why--" I started to say, but decided against it. "Why were you staring at me?" I asked, throwing something out there, so I didn't sound dumb. 

He blushed. "I could ask you the same thing now, couldn't I?

I blushed too. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't even try to deny it. I saw you staring in at me," he smiled.

"I was just passing through!" I said, defending myself.

"Yeah, passing your eyes through my door," he laughed. 

"You're just imagining things." I scoffed.

"Imagine you staring at me while I was sleeping? Now why would I do that?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Because..." Liam's grin thickened as he realized I didn't have a good come back. "Because you wish it would happen!" 

In a split second his smile was gone. "Not true..." he said unconvincingly. 

"Whatever," I said, letting it go. "You still didn't answer why you were staring at me."


"For what? I didn't hurt you." I said.

"Nor did I hurt you," he replied.

Damn. He had a point. I sighed in defeat. "Fine."

He smiled. "Glad that's settled."

"Mhmm." I mumbled. 

"So did you like the view?" he said, winking at me.

I smiled. "You are such a loser."

"Well that's not nice!" he pouted.

I laughed, and before anything else was said, he was laughing too.

Seconds later, Niall passed through, stopping at the door. "What's going on in here?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing," I said through a laugh. "Just talking." Liam laughed too, leaving Niall confused. 

A small frown appeared on Niall's face, as I returned my attention back to Liam. "Okay, then," he whispered, quickly leaving the room. 

"So, what's the plan for the rest of the day?" I asked Liam. 

"I don't make plans," he said laying down on his side. "Besides, I'm having fun." he smiled, propping himself up on his elbow. 

I laid down, in front of him, mimicking his position. "Is that so?"

"Would I lie to you?" he asked, smiling.

"I'm not sure yet." I said, teasing him.

He pouted, sticking out his lower lip. "You're mean today."

I laughed. "And you're a baby."

"There you go again! You better watch yourself."

"Whatcha gonna do?" I said, acting tough.

"This," he said, pulling me into him, tickling my sides.

"Stop!" I yelled, laughing.

"Not until you apologize!" he yelled back, laughing just as hard.

"Liam, seriously!" I laughed. "Stop!"

"Apologize!" he demanded. 

"No!" I shouted, refusing to admit defeat.

"You shouldn't have said that!" he said, holding me down, continuing to tickle me.

"LIAM!" I shouted, barely breathing in between laughs. "I-I"m sorry!"

And with that, he stopped. I rolled over, out of breath, trying to calm myself down. "I hate you," I said, glaring at him.

He smiled not taking it personally. "I warned you."

I laid on my back breathing heavily, ignoring him.

He returned to his position, leaning on his elbow. This time, however, he hovered over me. He stared down at me, saying nothing, leaving me to stare back at him. 

"What?" I whispered, almost inaudible.

He said nothing, continuing to stare at me. I stared back, looking into his warm, inviting eyes. Complete silence filled the room. Within seconds, he was leaning in, getting closer and closer to my face. I had barely been able to catch my breath, before it began to quicken again. Suddenly he was mere inches away from my face. I could feel the warmth of his breath against my lips. Just when I thought he couldn't get any closer, he paused. I closed my eyes in anticipation. Though it was just a few seconds, it seemed like several minutes. He began to lean in again once more, but stopped milometers in front of my awaiting lips. My heart was beating like a drum in my chest. He proceeded to close his eyes, and bit his own lip, sighing. "I'm sorry." he whispered, pulling his face away. Without warning he got up and left the room, leaving me breathless.

Once again, I was left alone, laying victim to my thoughts, and I was getting real sick of it. 

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