"Isn't She Lovely?"

Harry Styles hasn't always made the best life decisions. When a tragic event results in him confronting his past, emotions stir and his life changes drastically. Follow Raegan, Harry's little secret, as she loses her mother and is forced to meet her father for the very first time. Read along as she learns to accept her life with her newly found father, and faces the complications and advantages of living with five young men.


19. Aunty G



Chapter 19:

Aunty G



I smile shyly as Liam's lips pull away for the final time. 

"You okay?" he asks, genuinely concerned.

I nod. "I'm far better than okay," I continue to smile. He flashes me a smirk, and lays back down beside me.

"Good to hear. So tell me more," he adds, taking my hand in his.

"More?" I ask, "More about what?"


I smile shyly again and begin telling him random things about me, like how I met my friends and what we used to do together. I mention that I'm kind of athletic and that I struggle in science. He simply listens carefully, smiling occasionally, which, in turn, causes me to smile too.

After what I assume to be thirty minutes of rambling, I notice Liam's smile has completely vanished. A sorrowful stare takes its place on his face. I pause, confused, and ask him why he looks so sad.

"Liam...? What's with the gloom face?" He shakes his head and gestures for me to continue. "No. Tell me." He's quiet. "Liam!"

He sighs. "You've been talking about your mum."

I pause. Have I? I didn't even realize what I had been saying. Everything was coming out so freely, I-- "What did I say?"

"You just talked so highly of her. It makes me hurt to know she's gone."

I frown. Of course I talked highly of her. She was my hero. My best friend. My other half. I don't know what I'd do without her... My thoughts trail off. What will I do without her? I sure haven't figured it out yet and it's been over a month. I must get lost in my thoughts, for I feel Liam's hand gently touch my cheek.

"Hey.. Don't think about it. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything."

I look up at him, staring into the deep caramel abyss that are is eyes. He's mirroring my frown. "No, it's okay," I start to say. "I need to talk about her. I need to remind myself that she was real, and not some figment of my imagination."

He stares silently at me, though eventually, he finds words. "I wish I knew her," he whispers.

"I wish I could have introduced you two," I answer him. "She would have loved you." I smile at the mere thought.

"Really?" he asks, surprised I think. "She would approve?"

I nod. "Yeah." I smile, reassuring myself. "What's not to like?"

He grins shyly, avoiding my eye contact. "But I'm soooo old," he mocks me.

I shrug. "She was never one to judge. I mean, c'mon. She slept with Harry." I roll my eyes, but Liam doesn't find it funny.

"You know.. Harry isn't a bad guy," he stares blankly at me.

"Sure," I shrug. "He just abandoned the girl he so happened to knock up," I reply, showing no emotion.

"Raegan..." he begins.

"What? Is that not what happened?" 

Liam pauses for a good minute before finally answering. "I guess I don't know," he shrugs. "He never said much on the subject..." he frowns. "....or anything at all for that matter."

I frown, but try my best to hide it. "Doesn't surprise me. I mean look at him. He's 'Harry Styles.' The last thing he needed was for everyone to know he had a child." 

Liam sighs. "Rae, I promise you Harry is a good guy. I don't know the circumstances, but I'm sure he didn't abandon you.."

I begin getting frustrated. "Are you kidding me right now? Did you see the look of surprise on his face when I showed up? The look of guilt? He never thought he was going to see me again. He didn't think I would ever be his problem."

"That's not it, he's just--"

"Liam. You said it yourself. You didn't even know I existed. If he truly cared about me, don't you think he would have said something about having a kid to his best friends?"

Liam frowns again. "Yeah.. I mean, unless--"

"Unless what? He was embarrassed about it? Exactly! He doesn't want me Liam... and I don't particularly want him." I swallow, surprised at my own words. My heart is beating a mile a minute. Liam decides to shut up about the subject and stares silently at his hands. We sit in silence for a few good minutes before we're interrupted by a knock at the door.

"What?" I almost shout, my blood still pumping from before.

There's a long pause before a deep Irish accent whispers, "Can we talk?" from behind the door.

I take a deep breath, and try to calm down, but just as I am doing so, I remember Liam is in my room. In my bed, to be exact. "Uh... yeah.. one second!" my voice sounds panicked.

"O-okay," Niall swallows, surprised by my sudden change in tone.

My eyes lock onto Liam's instantly, but he's already staring at me in horror. "HIDE," I whisper through gritted teeth, and Liam disappears in seconds. Casually I pull out my phone and pretend to be doing something on it. "C-come in." I say my voice fluctuating between two different pitches. Slowly the door creaks open revealing a very sad face. I frown just looking at him. Suddenly, I feel really bad. 

"Raegan.." he says, looking at the ground, still half hidden by the door, "..I'm sorry.." I stare at him silently. Eventually, he looks up at me as if he's expecting me to say something. I don't, and he swallows hard making his adams-apple bob up and down roughly. 

"I--" he starts to speak again, but I don't think he knows what to say.

"Niall.." I interrupt and his eyes soften, grateful that he doesn't have to speak. "Don't.... don't be sorry." He opens his mouth to say something, but I speak again before he can. "Just help me understand.."

"Understand?" he questions, raising an eyebrow.

"What am I doing, that keeps upsetting you so easily?" 

He sighs, and a look of complete confusion consumes his face. "I-I don't know. I don't mean to act different.. I..." he trails off, but eventually comes back to what he was saying. "I think.. I think I"m just afraid of upsetting you.. so in turn, I get upset." He sighs again, heavier this time. "That didn't make any sense."

I suppress a grin by biting my lip. "No.. no it didn't." I shake my head.

He notices and one side of his mouth turns up in a half smile. "Just forgive me? Please? I'll try to be less.... 'emotional?' Is that what you called it?"

I laugh, rolling my eyes, and nod. "Yes.. that's what I called it. And yes. I forgive you. As long as you forgive me?" I look at him questioningly.

He nods. "Of course." His eyes soften again. "No more fighting?"

"I sure hope not." He frowns and looks back at the ground. I sit up and hold out my arms. He catches the movement out of the corner of his eye, and looks up at me, smiling. He walks up to me almost too quickly and wraps his arms tightly around me. I smile back, wrapping my arms around him. We stay like this for a moment before I remember Liam is still somewhere in the room. I pull back, a guilty look plastered on my face, but I hide it before Niall can see. He looks at me questioningly, but says nothing. 

"So... wanna go watch some telly?" he asks as if nothing ever happened. "I think Derby's playin'."

I mentally groan. Ohhhh Great.. Soccer...  my favorite. "Uh... yeah... sure." I fake a smile, but I guess it's convincing because Niall's face lights up. 

"Great! Let's go!" He starts to grab my arm, but I pull it away thinking of Liam. 

"I'll meet you down there?" I say. He looks confused, but thankfully he just nods. 

"Yeah.. okay. See ya there." And with that, he leaves. I shut the door behind him, hoping he doesn't notice and turn to go find Liam.

"Liaaaaaam." I whisper. "You can come out nooww." I jump up on my bed, glancing over the side, expecting to see him, but to my surprise he's not there. "Liaaaaam?" I sing, bending over the side and peering under the bed. I grunt, adjusting to get a better look and push my hair out of my eyes. Instantly, our eyes lock and I scream, startled, and fall face first off the bed. Liam erupts in laughter as I lay groaning on the floor. I turn to glare at him, but his eyes are closed tightly as he laughs. "You're a jerk," I pout, but his laughing doesn't cease. I roll my eyes and attempt to get up but he grabs my arm and pulls me back down. "Owww.." I groan again as Liam drags me under the bed. Most the light is blocked out by the bed above me, but I can still make out the silhouette of Liam's face. Though I can't really see it, I know he's smiling his widest smile. 

"Don't smile at me," I continue to pout.

"I'm not," he lies, smiling wider, if possible.

"You're so full of it." I roll my eyes.

"Full of what?" He smirks.


He begins laughing again, and pulls my face against his, the tips of our noses touching. "I know you are, but what am I?" he whispers, biting his lip. 

I roll my eyes for the third time and my face breaks into a smile. "You are soooo laaaame," I laugh, and he kisses me before I can say more. 


Before I know it, I'm downstairs on the couch watching "football" with Niall. Liam said he had some stuff to do, but he hasn't stopped texting me since I came downstairs, so I know he's lying. Niall's completely wrapped up in the game, so he hasn't said a word about my face being buried in my phone. Thank God, too, because I know I've been smiling at my phone more than I should. I'm so paranoid that someone's going to catch me and Liam. I mean, nothing has really happened, but any suspicion from one of the other boys could create major problems for both Liam and me. I shake the thoughts from my mind and try to think of a cover story in case Niall catches me. However, I'm easily distracted. 

Stop making me smile. =|

I try to keep a straight face while sending the message but I fail horribly.

Kevin -- Whyyyyy???? I like your smile. :)

I roll my eyes and chuckle at the name in my phone. I saved Liam's contact name as Kevin in case any of the other guys happened to catch me texting him. 

Because Niall's going to wonder why I'm smiling so much at my phone. And that was lame.

I pretend to care what's happening on the screen while I wait for a response. I yawn, and Niall notices. We make eye contact, and he smiles briefly. He has such a nice smile. I begin to wonder if he's ever had braces. I smile back automatically, but get lost in my thoughts. There's a lot of things I still don't know about any of the guys. I think for a moment more, before shrugging it off and deciding not to worry about it.  I look down at my phone and see a new message from Liam.

Kevin -- Oh well. If he questions you, just say you're texting Addelyn or something. And what was lame?

Haha. Funny you say that. According to my phone, I'm texting Kevin. And you're comment was lame.

He responds almost instantly.

Kevin -- Kevin? Who's Kevin? And about me liking your smile?? It's true. 

You're Kevin. I changed your contact name to Kevin so that no one would know I was texting you this much.  ...and thanks.. (=

Kevin -- D: You what?! Are you embarrassed of me? :(

I roll my eyes.


Kevin -- Don't you mean, "Keevviinnn?" 


Kevin -- I'm kidding! I know what you meant. That's a smart move. And also, you're welcome :)

I smile and momentarily look up at the TV. Derby is losing and I glance over to look for a reaction from Niall. Sure enough, he's glaring at the television. I try not to laugh, but I almost can't help it. 

"You okay?" I ask, trying to hide my amusement.

"No," he states bluntly.

"Oh, Niall, it's just a game."

 He glares at me. I'm about to offer some encouragement when Louis walks in and falls onto the couch next to me.

"Alright!" he shouts, making me jump. 

"Shut up!" Niall shouts back. "I don't want to hear it." 

Louis smirks, and I'm officially confused. 

"Ah, don't be a sore loser, Niall."

"I said to shut it, Tommo." Louis continues to smirk. I look at Louis in total confusion, and he notices. 

"Niall's just mad because my team's finally doing well," Louis whispers, making sure Niall can hear. I squint at the TV and read "DRFC." I look to Louis and ask him what that stands for. He tells me it stands for Doncaster Rovers Football Club. He mentions that it's his favorite team, and that he's originally from Doncaster.

"Have you ever been to a game?" I ask as Louis rambles. Apparently it was a dumb question because Louis bursts into a fit of laughter and Niall rolls his eyes. I look to Niall for an explanation.

"Louis used to play for the Rovers... occasionally." 

I look at Louis. "Really??" He smirks.

"Hell yeah. Best player they ever had."

Niall snorts. "Far from it."

Louis glares, and I remain half shocked, half confused. 

"Was this before or after you were in the biggest boy band in the world?" I ask, a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

Louis picks up on it and rolls his eyes. "During, actually. I once was a busy man."

"Once was? I'd say you're pretty busy now, considering I never see you around here."

Louis stares at me a moment, blankly. He then shrugs, and mumbles something, frowning. "No worries. I'll be around a lot more now." He sounds depressed, but I decide not to test the subject. I think back to the other night at dinner and assume he's still having girlfriend problems. I nod and look up at the screen, but the game's over. Rovers 3 - Derby 2. 

I glance at Niall carefully, and notice he's looking past me at Louis. A frown sits plainly on his face. Whatever's going on with Louis must be worse than girlfriend problems. 

The living room is quiet for what feels like an eternity, before Liam's voice breaks the silence.

"What's all the gloom looks for?" he asks stepping down from the bottom stair of the staircase. I'm sure my face lights up, but I try to play it cool as he enters the living room.

"Niall's just bummed his team sucks," Louis comments, trying to draw the attention away from himself.

Niall rolls his eyes as Liam chuckles. "Sounds like Niall."

I find myself laughing at Niall too, but Niall isn't seeing the humor in any of this. 

"I think it's time we leave Niall and his football game alone," Niall says dryly. 

Louis smirks apologetically, and Niall nods it off.

Liam sits comfortably in the chair closest to the door, and flashes me a white-toothed smile. I smile back, but only glance at him so that the other boys don't notice. Louis continues to look at his hands as Niall turns off the television in disgust. Suddenly, another familiar face joins the room.

"We having a party?" Harry says, sitting on the arm of the couch.

Almost everyone looks at him expressionless. 

"Not a very fun one it seems," Liam answers. 

Harry nods then changes the subject. "Soo.. what is everyone feeling for dinner tonight?"

Dinner. Right. I should know by now that Harry only shows his face when food's involved. 

No one answers him. I feel him looking at me, but I avoid eye contact. Eventually, Louis shrugs. "You decide."

I glance up to see Harry bite his lip, thinking about it. "Wanna go out?" Everyone groans. 

"We just ate out the other night," Louis comments. Harry raises his eyebrows in confusion. Probably, because he, Liam, and Zayn were so into Rylee that they didn't come. 

"We did?" he questions.

Niall nods. "We did. You didn't. You had other things on your mind." I chuckle and Louis smirks at me. I look up to see Harry looking at me with an eyebrow raised. 

"Oh.." he frowns. 

"We could order in," I suggest. "That way you don't have to cook, and no one else has to get all dressed up." I glance around the room quickly and see everyone thinking it over. 

Harry nods and asks, "Anyone oppose?" Everyone's quiet.

"Right. Well what's everyone in the mood for?" 

This time the room erupts in opinions. I hear Liam arguing for Chinese as Niall fights for pizza. Louis starts out on Niall's side but ends up arguing against him. "We have pizza all the time!" I hear out of the mix of voices. Harry and I stay relatively quiet, waiting on the others to come to an agreement. However, in moments everyone is silenced by a knock at the door. 

"Ah, I got it." Liam says a bit irritated from the food argument.

The entire room watches him as he walks to the door. Is it rare that we have visitors? I wonder. Maybe it's Eleanor. I glance at Louis. He seems to be just as curious as everyone else. I shift my eyes to Harry who looks equally puzzled. My eyes travel back to Liam as he opens the door.

"Gemma? I didn't know you were coming by," I hear Liam say, surprised.

Gemma? What in the world is a Gemma? I glance around the room a second time trying to get an idea of who this person may be. Though, I look no further than Harry. His eyes are wide. Scared even. 

"That's because it's a surprise, Liam!" I hear a female voice say as a strange woman pushes her way past Liam into the house. I stare at her, looking her over. She has dark green eyes and long blonde hair. Though, you can see her brown roots coming through, so you know she's not naturally blonde. I continue to stare at her, racking my brain for some idea of who she might be. Liam knows her. Maybe she's an ex? No. Why would an ex of Liam's just show up out of the blue? Harry knows her too. ...and he doesn't seem too happy that she's here. Maybe, she is an ex. Harry's ex. I decide to go with that until I find out who she really is. It doesn't take her but a moment to realize that I'm in the room. Her eyes lock with mine. 

"Ooooo, Niall. Finally score yourself a girlfriend?" she smiles, winking at Niall. I glance at Niall, and a look of confusion is displayed across his face.


He follows her eyes to me and realization hits him. 

"Oh, no! She's --"

"Gemma, we need to talk!" Harry interrupts, finally coming out of his shock. 

"Uh.. okay?" Gemma shrugs glancing at Harry. Harry's eyes are urgent, and without another word Gemma follows him into the kitchen. 

I stare at the doorway of the kitchen, confused. Me? Niall's girlfriend? Ha! I roll my eyes. Who is she? And what gives her the right to make all these assumptions? I look over to Niall, expecting an explanation.

"Who was that?" I state plainly.

"That was Gemma. Gemma Styles. Harry's sister."

Sister? Man, was I off. I review her in my mind. Dark hair. Dark green eyes. The same, white-toothed smile. Sister makes way more sense. 

"Your aunty to be exact," Louis smirks, obviously getting a kick out of all of this.

Aunt? I have an aunt? I think back to my mothers side of the family. She had a brother, but no sisters. Not to to mention, her brother was very sick, and passed before I was born. I never knew him. 

I look up at Liam and he attempts to comfort me with a half smile. Gemma obviously has no idea who I am. I'm guessing the only people who did were Harry and his parents, and from what I've heard, his parents probably easily forgot about me. 

"You what?!" I hear a sharp female voice echo throughout the kitchen. I wince. The room around me is completely quiet for a long time. I'm assuming everyone's trying to listen to the conversation going on in the next room, but I can't hear a word.

"Can't believe he never told Gemma.." Niall eventually mumbles.

Louis snorts. "Why would he?"

"Oh, I don't know. Because they're family?"

"And what are we?" Louis looks at him. "He never told us either."

"Yeah, but.."

"Would you want to tell your sister that you're the reason you moved out of the country?" 

Niall shrugs. "No.. guess not."

I frown. I'm the reason they moved out of the country. My mother mentioned that the boy she met was new to their school. He'd only been there about a year before my mom started high school. To think that Harry was only in America for a year and half because of me makes me feel awful. It makes me wonder why they moved there in the first place. 

I sink down into the couch and stare at the black television screen in front of me. Louis and Niall continue to comment back and forth about why he should or shouldn't have told his sister about me. I stay quiet, feeling worse and worse about the subject. I begin feeling sick, and am about to get up and leave when Gemma suddenly storms back into the room, followed by Harry. 

I turn my head for a moment, looking at Harry. His head is down and his cheeks are flushed. He looks as if he's a four year old who has just been scolded by a parent. My frown deepens, and I turn back to staring at the blank TV.

The room is silent. 

"So..." Gemma eventually starts. "Where's Zayn?"

I half smile at her question. Zayn. It's so easy to forget about Zayn. He's so quiet. 

Niall and Liam shrug, and Gemma nods. I catch her looking at me from time to time, but when I look back she quickly shifts her eyes. Another beat passes before she speaks again.

"I'm hungry. What's for dinner?"

I guess this lifts some of the weight off the room, because almost immediatly, Niall, Louis, and Liam pick up on their pizza argument with Gemma joining in on Niall's side. I can't help but smile a little, and glance up at Harry who has a hint of a smile on his own face. I sigh in relief, seeing that Harry is okay. I shouldn't feel any sympathy toward him, but I feel a bit guilty that Gemma yelled at him. 

Harry keeps my eye contact and shakes his head. "What are we gonna do? I don't think they'll ever decide." 

I begin to shrug, having no clue what to do, when suddenly an idea pops into my head. The answer to our dinner problem is simple. I smirk.

"Ask Zayn." 

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