Save Me

What is the one you loved, was the one that harmed you?
Would you stay?
Would you leave?
There is only one thing stopping Lacey Thompson from going.
She loves Harry,
.......with all her heart.


2. Over Again

"Lacey, i'm back!" i heard a deep husky britian accent call. I smiled and turned to see his curly hair and dimples. "You dress up for me?" he joked.I was wearing "Totally, just for you Haz" I laughed. He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. i buried my face in his chest. "I missed you Lace, i didnt even get a chance to call you!" he sighed. i smiled and looked up and saw his bright green eyes peircing into mine. "You were on tour Harry, i understand." He smiled and looked at my outfit again. "You've gotta change, we're going out!" he laughed. "Where?" i demanded, arms crossed. "Well, it IS 8pm, sooo lets go out to dinner!" he enthused. My face beamed and he smiled. "I want to hear about EVERYTHING that happened whil i was gone!" he insisted. "Trust me, nothing happend. i watched t.v and ate everything...not intresting!" i called as i walked upstairs. he laughed. "THEN I WANT TO HEAR WHAT T.V SHOWS YOU WATCHED!"

I stepped out the shower and changed into I lightly sprayed on Chanel and headed downstairs.

Harry was on the couch, watching T.V when i came down. "You look amazing" he gushed. My cheeks heated up and i knew i was blushing. "Aww, you're blushing! You're so adorable, c'mon love, lets go eat!" he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the car.

And always the gentleman, he opened my door for me.

"Thank you." "Anytime, beautiful".


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