Save Me

What is the one you loved, was the one that harmed you?
Would you stay?
Would you leave?
There is only one thing stopping Lacey Thompson from going.
She loves Harry,
.......with all her heart.


1. Lacey Thompson


Hey, i'm Lacey Thompson. My life is...complicated. that's me. i guess you can call me emo or whatever. i have blonde hair and blue eyes.Ive never been the one to be all mushy or whatever, but i love my boyfriend with all my heart. Sometimes he's on tour, but that doesnt bother me. i'm only 18, so yes i'm still in school.Besides my bestest Alex everyone there either hates me or sucks up because i'm dating Harry. yup, THE HARRY STYLES. I live with him at his place. We have problems but hey, who doesnt?! We arent perfect, not anywhere near it! My fave colur is orange, and my fave food is tacos. Hazza and i were MADE for each other! When i was little my mum passed away from brain cancer and i havent been the same since. my older brother Aiden is cool, he's 21 and lives in the U.S with his new gf. i miss him sometimes but i know he'd rather be with her than come home and face our emotionally challenger depressed father.

anyway, that's my life. yeah byee<3


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