Save Me

What is the one you loved, was the one that harmed you?
Would you stay?
Would you leave?
There is only one thing stopping Lacey Thompson from going.
She loves Harry,
.......with all her heart.


3. Jealous much?


"Sounds like you had LOTS of fun!" he laughed as i shut the front door. I nodded and smiled. "Totally, mhm...umm" i stuttered. "What is it love?" he asked smiling. i looked down and then back up. "Zayn asked me to hang out with him that okay?" i asked quietly.

His face turned bright red and his eyes darkened.

"'re asking ME if you can go hang out with one of my best friends? What are you planning on doing then?!" he demanded. "We're just going to the PARK!" I insisted. He shook his head violently. "You FUCKING WHORE! YOU'RE SLEEPING WITH HIM ARENT YOU!?" he screamed as he grasped my shoulders tightly. "NO! I SWEAR!" He smiled ruefully and got closer. "Are you scared of me Lacey?" he asked, slowly and dilibretly. i shook my head slightly.

"You REALLY should be." he murmured.

i felt the sharp sting before i saw his hand.


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