I Love You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Mia,and im 18. My dad works to help hide famous singers for 4 monthes untill there big tour starts. He gets paid alot,I think he gets paid..... 20,000 each month. He tells them they dont have to pay him that much,but they do anyways. I have seen alot of famous people.But now im used to it. Untill one day!!


24. Wondering

MIAS POV               I woke up laying in Louis' room. The sun was shinning bright through the window. I heard chattering down stairs. I heard Niall's funny laugh echoing through the house. His laughes are so cute. Whenever he laughs i do. I walk out of the bathroom from brushing my teeth and hair. I walk out into the hall way and hear my name. I deside to listen. Staying as still and quite as possible i listened to their conversation. I know that it wasnt right but i dont know what came over me. "Ok so you know Harry what i have been waiting to tell Mia?" Louis says. "Yeah," Harry tells him. "And your ok with it?" Louis asks. "Yes. Its fine. I think you have waited long enough. It will be a surprise to her," Harry tells Louis.He pauses. "Its been a month,so tell her. And dont be surprised if she freaks out,"He tells Louis. I walk back into the bedroom and sit on the edge of the bed. What are they wanting to tell me. Does Louis like me? And Harry knows. And also hes fine with it? I have to know whats going on. But im going to wait until Louis tells me. I walk down stairs to the smell of yummy breakfast. "Yumm smells good guys," I say sniffing at the sweet smelling air. "Here you go," Liam hands me a plate of breakfast. "Thank you Liam. And thank all of you for making it," I say smiling. "Your welcome," They all say at the same time. We all chuckle. I eat the good breakfast that the boys made me. "Thanks again guys it was very good," I say to the boys sitting at the bar with me. The day goes by pretty fast and im sleepy so im oing to bed. "OK good night guys see yall in the morning," "Good night," They say at random times. Harry follows behind me. I take a quick shower and so does Harry. We get in the bed and fall asleep quickly.      NEXT MORNING             I wake up to the curly headed boy i love. I kiss him softly on his head and get up. I walk to the door and open to see Louis that was about to knock. "Hey,Mia can we talk?" He asks. "Yeah sure. Come on lets go to the living room," I grab his hand and pull him to the kitchen. "Want any Tea?" I ask over at the Tea maker. "Sure," He says with a smile. I fix the tea and hand it to him. We walk over to the living room and sit on the couch. I pull my knees up to my chest and sip on the hot tea. "So what did you want to tell me?" I ask. "Ok heres the thing........" Oh god what if he likes me. This cant be good. "Harry has bought you and him plane tickets to Hawaii. Me and all the boys put some money in so yall could go." Louis says smiling big. Oh thank god he didnt like me. "Oh my god!!!! Louis that is great. But why didnt Harry tell me?" I ask raising my eyebrows. "Because we heard you open the bedroom door. And we knew you were listening. So i whispered to Harry that i was gonna sound like i liked you. Not that i dont like you. Just you know your Harrys." He says chuckling. "Oh...." I laugh now realising what the boys did. "Well you got me cause it sounded like you liked me," I chuckled. "Well you wanna go tell Harry that i told you? He was pretty excited himself," He laughs. "Yeah," I get up and start to run but i stop. I turn around to him. I walk over to Louis. "Thank you and tell the boys i said thank you too," I give him a really big hug. The boys left after the breakfast that they made. So i didnt get to tell thm thanks. "Your welcome,love. Anything thing for you," He says smiling. I return the smile and run up stairs. I walk into the bedroom and see Harry still asleep. Well i guess i will tell Harry that Louis told me when he wakes up. I climb back into bed and nuzzle my head into his neck. I wrap my arm around his waist and fall back asleep.

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