I Love You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Mia,and im 18. My dad works to help hide famous singers for 4 monthes untill there big tour starts. He gets paid alot,I think he gets paid..... 20,000 each month. He tells them they dont have to pay him that much,but they do anyways. I have seen alot of famous people.But now im used to it. Untill one day!!


22. The Party Part 1 (PS there are two parts of the party)

              HARRYS POV      I woke up around 7:30 to my phone ringing. I picked it up. "Hello?" "Hey! Its Louis," He said. "Hey Louis. Hows it goin?" I asked getting up. "So me and the boys were wondering if you and Mia would like to go to a party?" "What time?" I asked. "Its at 3:00 today at my place," He said. "Umm i would like to but i dont know if Mia would want to," I told him. "Awww please ask her if she wants to go. Okay?" And before i could answer he hung up. I shook my head. That boy is crazy. The doorbell wen off. I went downstairs and opened the door. There they were. Zayn,Louis,Niall,and Liam. "Hey. Come on in," I said on my way to the couch. They followed and sat with me. "So is Mia up?" Niall asked. "No. Shes not up yet," I said. "Ok i know a way we can get her up," Louis said with an evil smile. "Oh god." I grumbled to my self. We followed Louis up to me and Mias bedroom. "Ok Harry just keep in mind this is just a trick," Louis said whispering. Louis climbed in bed wit Mia and got under the covers. "Hey beautiful," Louis said with a smile. Mia fluttered his eyes open. "Ahhhhh. What in the world Louis?" She screamed. We all laughed and Mia rolled her eyes. "You guys are annoying," She said getting up. "Thank you we will take that as a compliment," Zayn said with a laugh. We all laughed. "Ok so Mia do you want to come to a party with us?" Liam asked. "Ermm i dont know," Mia said with a look that was funny. I chuckled to myself. "Oh come on. Please," Louis asked with a puppy dog face. "Oh no not the puppy dog face," She said with a giggle. All of us started doing the puppy dog face. "Uhh. Fine," She said with a laugh. "But if you want me to come you better get out so i can get dressed." She said going to her closet. We all went down to the living room and watched a movie. It was about 2:30 when the movie was over. We were about to go see if Mia was coming down but she started coming down the stairs. She was beautiful. Her hair was curly and down. She had on a beautiful one shoulder red sparkley dress that went down to her thigh and she had on red heels. Her make up was beautiful but she was beautiful without it. "WOW!" All the boys and me said at the same time. She blushed and looked down. "You look beautiful,Mia" I told her with a smile. "Thank you," She said blushing more than ever. "Ok is everybody ready?" Liam asked. "Yep," Everybody said at the same time. We all laughed and got into the car. "So Niall is Ashley coming?" I asked Niall who was looking down at his phone. He looked up and said, "Yeah i just texted her and she said she was coming," "Ok," I said grabbing Mias hand. She smiled and so did i. We got to Louis party about 20 minutes before it started. Louis got out of the car and so did all of the other boys and me and Mia got out too. We walked in and sat down waiting for the party to start.      NIALLS POV    Ding dong. I got up and opened the door. And there she was. Ashley. She was beautiful. She had her hair up with a couple strands coming down. And a pink straples dress that went down to her knees. Also she had on yellow flats with flowers on the side of them. "You are so beautiful,Ashley," I said leaning in to kiss her. She pulled back and said,"Thank you,Niall," She smiled and so did i. I leaned in again to kiss her one more time. "OHHHHHHHHH!!" Screamed Louis. We laughed at him. I grabbed her hand and led her inside. The party was about to start. And im sure it was gonna be a crazy party.

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