I Love You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Mia,and im 18. My dad works to help hide famous singers for 4 monthes untill there big tour starts. He gets paid alot,I think he gets paid..... 20,000 each month. He tells them they dont have to pay him that much,but they do anyways. I have seen alot of famous people.But now im used to it. Untill one day!!


10. The Hospital

 MIAS POV        I couldnt see anything. It was all black. I could hear people but couldnt see. I was so scared. What if i didnt make it out alive. What about Harry would he come. I bet he doesnt even care. My family are they here. Oh no they cant they are away for a whole year.    HARRYS POV         I got to the hospital and went to the front desk. "Hello my girlfiend is in one of those rooms her name is Mia Lannie Star," "Ok it will be an hour till you get to see her," She told me. I went and sat down. I got out my phone and called all their girlfriends. I told them what happend and they came as soon as possible. They got here and sat down with me. "Will she be ok?" Perrie asked. "I dont know they said she prob woudnt make it out," I told her. I started to sobb even more. I put my hands on my face. AN HOUR LATER       A doctor walked out. "Mr. Styles," He said. My head shot up from out of my hands. "Yes?" I asked him. "I am so so sorry,she didnt make it,you can come and see her," The doctor said. I screamed and cryed very loudly. Zayn rubbed my back. Every body started to cry. "Come on lad lets go see her," Liam cryed. I got up and felt sick. I got in the elevator and went up to her floor. I walked in and saw her. I sat down on the seet. She was blue,she didnt look like her happy self. I sobbed and put my head down on her stomach.   AN HOUR LATER   My cheeks were so big and puffy red from all the crying. My life is not worth living now. I heard a grunt. I looked up. She opened her eyes and closed them.  "Mia.. Mia.. are you there?" I asked her. "I love you so much," She mumbled. I kissed her cheek. "I love you so much Mia,i shouldnt have ever let you leave," I sobbed. "Its ok babe you were just trying to protect me," She mumbled. The doctors rushed in. They stayed there for hours. "Well Mr.Styles it has been a miricle,she is ready to go home," She said with a smile. "Thank you so much doctor?" I asked. "Doctor Shelby,and your very welcome," She said with a smile. She walked out of the room and came back in with a wheel chair. I helped her in it. We wheeled back down to the third floor were all the lads and their girlfriends were. They all jumped up and gave her hugs. " You made us scared Mia,"  Louis said. "I love you guys so much," Mia told them. " We love you too," We all said. We got out to the car and i helped her in. We drove and got back to the house. I helped her out of the car into her wheel chair. I wheeled her into the house,and shut the door.                                                                                                                                                                     NOTE: Sorry it was kinda short. but whats gonna happen next just have to wait for tomorrow when i add another chapter byeee :)

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