I Love You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Mia,and im 18. My dad works to help hide famous singers for 4 monthes untill there big tour starts. He gets paid alot,I think he gets paid..... 20,000 each month. He tells them they dont have to pay him that much,but they do anyways. I have seen alot of famous people.But now im used to it. Untill one day!!


7. The Friend...........The Party

MIAS POV     I woke up with harrys arms rapped around me. I wiggled out from under his arms, but i was gentle enough not to wake him. I got up and changed my clothes from the other day. I took a shower and got dressed,well only in pajamas. haha. I wore my I Love Harry Styles shirt with my pajama bottoms. I ran down stairs and saw Liam on his computer,Zayn looking at him self in the mirror,Louis screaming we dont have carrots,and niall stuffing his mouth like it was the last day with food on earth. "Hey guys," "Hey," They replied back. "My friend is sopose to come over in an hour," "K," They all said. I sat down with my phone and got on AOL.COM. I saw this picture that had me and Harry at the mall. It said ~HARRY WITH NEW MYSTERY GIRL~ I didnt really care then i looked at the comments they said ~ She doesnt deserve him~ ~Shes ugly why would he like her~~You need to be with me harry not that girl~~I hate you you stoll my man~. My eyes started to tear up.I got up and ran to the kitchen where Niall was. He saw me grab a big knife and that i had tears in my eyes. I ran to a bathroom and locked it. They chased after me."Mia let us in,What wrong?" they yelled. I didnt answer. I pulled up my sleave and started to cut. I didnt hurt as much as the hate did. I cleaned it all up. It stopped bleeding. I came out. With the knife behind my back with a smile on my face. I put my makeup on in the bathroom before i left to cover all the red puffy cheeks and stuff. I slid past them and put the knife infront of me. I went to the kitchen and cleaned the knife. "What did you do Mia?" Liam asked with an upset look. "Nothing i just had to cut something open thats all," I said with a smile. I lied. Zayn  knew that i was lieing. He always knew when i was lieing. Even though we had only new each other for a couple of days. He pulled my sleave up."I--Im S-so --sorry," i started to cry. He asked," Why would you do that," He seemed mad and upset. I pointed to the phone. He grabbed it and all the boys looked at the comments. Niall came over to me and said,"Im so sorry M," He kissed my cheek. They all gave me hugs and told me sorry. "Do you plan to tell Harry?" Liam asked. "Yeah i will later," I told him. He nodded. "Well i have to get dressed Ashley is coming over today," "They all nodded. I went up and got my clothes and went into the bathroom. I closed and locked the door. I wore a knee high yellow straples dress,and yellow white sneakers. I put my hair into a sideways pony tail. Ding dong I ran out of the bathroom until two large hands grabbed my waist. I screamed a little until i noticed it was Harry. He turned me around and kissed my lips softly. "I love you M ,You also look so very beautiful," He told me. "I love you to hazza bear and thank you," I told him. "I have to go see Ashley bye babe," "Bye i love u," He said. I loved that boy with all my heart. I got to the bottom floor and saw Ashley sitting on the couch with niall.    ASHLEYS POV       I saw Mia walk into the room. I got up and hugged her. "I have missed you Mia its been a while," I told Mia. "I have missed you to ash," She told me. "So what would you like to do today?" I asked Mia. "Ummm I dont know," She told me.  "Hey be right back," Mia said. She walked into a different room. Me and Niall had been talking for over an hour sence i have been here. We knew every thing about each other. "So Niall i was thinking you want to go to her spa?" "Sure," he replied back. I heard Mia scream " Hey ill be back later have to go to the store and pick up some stuff for dinner," "K," We yelled back at her. I got my bathingsuit out and niall alreay had his on. I went into the bathroom and changed. I wore a red bikini with yellow florwers. I came out and he just stared at me. "Niall buddy you okay," I asked him. "Yea sorry," He laughed and i did too. We went to the hot tub and got in. He scooted closer to me. He whisperd in my ear,"I really like you Ashley," I whisperd back,"I like you too," We both leaned in ...............and ...................kissed it was amazing he was a really good kisser. Our lips moved in sync together. I pulled back. We both smiled. "Would you like to go out with me ashley?" He asked me. "Yes i would love to Nialler," He kissed me softley on the lips. We pulled away when we heard, "Ohhhhhhh Nialls got a girlfriend nialls got a girlfriend," Louis screamed. He ran out of the room screaming that Niall said "I love u," " Love u too," I told him. And Niall got up running after him. What an amazing day

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