I Love You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Mia,and im 18. My dad works to help hide famous singers for 4 monthes untill there big tour starts. He gets paid alot,I think he gets paid..... 20,000 each month. He tells them they dont have to pay him that much,but they do anyways. I have seen alot of famous people.But now im used to it. Untill one day!!


3. At Home....

We finally got back home. I unlocked the house and went in> "Ok follow me i will show you yalls room," I told them. "Ok," They all replied except for Niall. "Niall..... where did you go?" I yelled. "Oh do you have a kitchen near bye,because thats prob where he went," Louis told me. "Ummm yes right around the cornner," "Well thats where he is," Harry said. We all laughed. "Ok come on nialler,ill show yall yalls rooms," I yelled at Niall. " OK," He yelled. He came out with a bag of chips. He crammed more chips in his mouth. We all laughed. "What?" He asked. "Nothing,just come on,follow me," I told him.  I go in the elevator and press level 3 and 4,you will be staying on the same flooras me,Liam,Louis,Niall,Zayn, you will be staying on the 4th floor there are no other rooms on the 3rd floor," "Ok,"They all replied. We got to the third floor.All of us got out of the elevator and followed me. "Ok Harry, you will be staying a couple rooms over from me, the 30th room,and i am 29," I told Harry. "Ok,Ill go put my bags up ill be down in a while," He told us. "Ok,"We all said. We got back in the elevator, and went up to level 4. "Hey Mia?" Louis said breaking the silence. "Yea lou?" "We all think Harry likes you!!" "And how do you know that?" I asked them with a smile. "Well just the way he looks at you,like your the only woman in the world!" Lou told me. "Well if he likes me then he can tell me that by himself," I told them. We get up to the 4th floor. "Ok Liam your room number is 6,Zayns your is 8, Niall yours is 7, and Louie the Pooh yours is 5," I told all of them. "Ohhh i like that has a nice ring to it!" Louis said. We all laughed a little. "Ok and also let me tell u a little about the house, there are 3 indoor pools on each floor and you can find it easly because each door is labled,and you dont have to woory because there are only 30 rooms on each floor,ok lets see.... umm.... one huge bumper car room on each floor,a spa on each floor,lazzer tag on each floor, gocarts one each floor,and then theres your bedrooms,oh and also in the pool rooms there is 3 hot tubs," I told them. They all looked shocked with their jaws hanging low. "What?" I asked them. "Oh nothing,your house is just huge thats all!!" Louis said. I Laughed. "Ahh you get bored after a while," I told them. "Hey once we get done putting our stuff up yall wanna go to the gocart room?" Asked Zayn. "Sure," We all said. "But i have to warn you i will beet your tail though," We all laughed. "We will see," Louis said trying to sound like a pirate. Louie ran off to his room skipping and singing "IM A PRETTY PRINCESS IM GOING TO WINNNN!!!" We all laughed at him. They all walked to their room. I walked back to the elevator. It opened and i was looking down it closed. I looked up and saw Harry standing there. "Hi," I told him. "Hi,i have to ask you something," He told me. "Yes what is it?" I asked him. "Well i really........really.....;like you...... would you like to go with me?" I was in totel shock and then replied, "Yes i would love to be your girl friend!" I told him. We both leaned in about to kiss,then the elevator opened,and Lacy was standing there. We didnt kiss. Ughhhh. "Oh sorry i hope i didnt interupt anything did i?" Lacy asked. "Oh no its fine," I told her. We walked out and Lacy went in the elevator. We sat on the couch and waited for the other boys. I looked at him and smiled,he looked at me and smiled.

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