The Girl With Scissors

Okay, Zijiana is 17. She sticks up for herself with the classic: EX-CA-YOOOZE A-ME? She is a very talented dancer, and goess to a magnet school.But when someone shows up... It gets DRAMATIC!


2. Zij

Zijiana's POV

As I walked home from the bakery in Holmes Chapel, I thought aboutt the boy I  thought I knew. Harry Styles. That name is pure venom. We used to be best friends, but one day evverything changed. FLASHBACK I was walking home with Haribo (Harry) and I walked over to my boyfriend 's House. Haribo looked at me and said "Zij? Are you okay?" "Yes, I just had a rough day today/" "Are you sure?" Then  my boyfriend walked out and asked me who the heck Haribo is. I just simply said "A Friend." Haribo then punched me in the face.He must've thought we were more...

Flashback Over

I ran off the path I walked the day it happened. I ran to my little secret spot in the woods. A figure stepped out of the shadows. "Zij?" "Haribo?" "No, it's Harry's best friend." he said putting emphasis on the BEST FRIEND part. "What do you want Tomlinson?" I asked. "Harry needs you, he won't go to the studio. Won't talk, won't eat, won't drink, won't even answer my texts."  " What? My Hazza won't do anything?"  "He won't." I screamed in horror as he grabbed me and carried me bridal style to his van.  Once we arrived at Haribo's flat, I took off. I still remembered where his spare key was. Underneath his plant thing. I unlocked the door to find Hazza asleep. He was mumbling my name. "Haribo?" I said. "Zij?" "Yes Hazza?" "Is it really you?" "It sure is. And it sure as tacos ain't Taylor!" he laughed at my remark and started to tell me everything that's happened. "Are you still my Scissors?" "Yes, and you're still my Haribo."  "Let's get ice cream. I haven't eaten in weeekssss!" He said stretching out the eeeekssssssss. " Let's go to an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!!" I Screamed.

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