The Girl With Scissors

Okay, Zijiana is 17. She sticks up for herself with the classic: EX-CA-YOOOZE A-ME? She is a very talented dancer, and goess to a magnet school.But when someone shows up... It gets DRAMATIC!


1. Who Is She? - Prolouge

You know that girl who cried in the corner every day?

You know the girl you hurt in every way.

Well guess what.

II don't giva frickin' crap.

I'm that girl.

The girl with the scissors you teased every day,

The girl who though she could just fly away.

Well where am I now?

Where are you now?

When she dneeded you mst you ran away.

Off with the wind,

You flew away.

She still cries about you every day.

That girl was me.

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