When you come to a small town you never expect fun stuff to happen. Well that's how a girl named Hope Evrin thought it would be when she moved to Ohio and came to a school called McKinley high school. She doesn't expect it but she'll become one of the stars of the glee club where if a athlete knows your in it you get a slushi in your face.


3. The songs of the glee kids

I looked at the two songs in front of me. I had to pick one to tell everyone about me. I had Glad you came by the wanted and We are young by fun. Someone yelled, "BOO!" In my ear and I jumped. I turned and saw Sam. I hit his arm and said, "Seriously." I said. "I couldn't help it Hope." He said laughing. I just shook my head at him. "What song should I use?" I asked him showing the two songs. He picked Glad you came. "Thanks." I said. "No problem." He replied. The bell rang. "Let's go to the glee room." I said. "Beat you there." He said running. "No fair!" I yelled. We both got in and sat by each other. "Okay everyone before someone songs their song I want you to meet someone who used to be our star boy singer. Finn Hudson." Mr. Shu said. Then the senior I saw yesterday came in and I smiled. "Mr. Shu can I go first?" I asked and he nodded. I went up and gave the band the sheet music and then I started to sing. When I was finished everyone clapped and Mr. Shu said, "Thank you Hope." I sat back down by Sam who gave me a high-five.
Marley went last and then Mr. Shu told us that there would be a play of grease and Finn would be the director. "I love Grease." I said. "Me too." Sam said. "Auditions are after school." Finn said. I looked around and most of the girls and some of the guys were excited. I looked at Marley who was talking to Wayne. I want to be Rizzo. Then the bell rang. Technically it's after school. I'm going to audition.
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