When you come to a small town you never expect fun stuff to happen. Well that's how a girl named Hope Evrin thought it would be when she moved to Ohio and came to a school called McKinley high school. She doesn't expect it but she'll become one of the stars of the glee club where if a athlete knows your in it you get a slushi in your face.


2. Slushied

Last time on glee
Hope joined the glee club and made friends with Artie, Tina, Sam, Blaine and Marley. That's what you missed on Glee!

I came into the glee room and sat by Marley. "Where's Mr. Shu?" I ask. "Don't have a clue." She said. Then Mr. Shu came in and wrote something on the board. "Since it's the first week of glee you are going to show your personality." He said. I smiled. I have to think of some song to sing. The bell rang. "Ok see you all tommorow." Mr. Shu said. I walked out into the hall and the hockey players yelled something at me. When I turned they threw a grape slushi into my face. Blaine saw me when he came out. "Your officially in the glee club." He said. "It burns my eyes." I said. "I'll help you clean it off." Marley said. "Thanks." I said. We went into the bathroom and got my face and hair wet with the sink water. When we got it all out of my hair and face we came out into the hallway and saw a graduate from last year come in. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. I couldn't stop staring at him until Marley clapped her hands right by my ear. "He's five years older than us." She said. "I'm sorry. But he's so cute." I replied. She rolled her eyes. "Whatever." Marley said leaving.
I got into my dads car after school and he saw the slushy stain on my shirt and asked me what happened. "A senior threw a slushy in my face to welcome me to glee." I replied. "I'm telling figgins." He said. "He won't care it happens to all the glee kids." I replied.
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