When you come to a small town you never expect fun stuff to happen. Well that's how a girl named Hope Evrin thought it would be when she moved to Ohio and came to a school called McKinley high school. She doesn't expect it but she'll become one of the stars of the glee club where if a athlete knows your in it you get a slushi in your face.


5. Rehearsal

I was measuring Marley when Finn told everyone to get on stage. I put her measurements on my notepad and left it in my backpack. When I came on stage I saw that Cheerio that tripped me on the first day there. I looked at her. "You Bitch!" I yelled and slapped her. Finn got between me and Kitty. "What the hell is she doing here?!?!" I exclaimed. "She's playing Patty in the grease play." Finn said. "What are you doing here loser?" Kitty asked. "I'm the costume designer." I said. I smiled to myself realizing I had something to do to make her look terrible.
I was on the stage as two other graduates helped Ryder and Marley dance to the song born to handjive. I saw Jake with a dirty look on his face. "Jealous much?" I said. He looked at me. "Why do you care?" He asked. I shook my head. "You know it's just a play right?" I asked. He smiled. "Yeah but he gets on my nerves." He replied. I looked into his brown eyes then started to measure him. "Want to go out to Breadsticks with me?" Jake asked. I nodded. "Yeah sure." I replied.
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