When you come to a small town you never expect fun stuff to happen. Well that's how a girl named Hope Evrin thought it would be when she moved to Ohio and came to a school called McKinley high school. She doesn't expect it but she'll become one of the stars of the glee club where if a athlete knows your in it you get a slushi in your face.


10. L-O-V-E

Hope pov

I walked to my locker still in my Cheerio uniform. I'm still in the glee club though. I walked to where we were rehearsing this time. It was the classroom where you learned about the planets. 

"I'm sitting under Pluto." I said. It was a dwarf planet so I belonged there. 

"I'm going to sit under Uranus." Sam said. 

I started laughing and so did everyone else. 

"What?" Sam asked. 

I laughed even harder. Oh Sam is so hilarious. 

"Okay. Who would like to sing for the Sadie Hawkins dance?" Mr. Schuster asked. 

Every girl had done it but me so he looked at me with hope in his eyes. 

"Will you do it Hope?" He asked. 

I nodded and went to the front. 

"L is for the way you look at me. O is for the only one I see. V is very very extra-ordinary. E is even more than anyone that you adore. And love is all that I will give to you. Take my heart but please don't break it. Love was made for me and yooou." I sang to Ryder. 

He looked at me then said, "Yeah. I'll go with you." 

I couldn't believe it. He actually said yes. It's a miracle. 

I hugged him then whispered, "I was so scared you'd say no."

"Why would I say no?" He whispered.

"Because you can do better than me." 

Ryder pov

Did she really just say that? She's perfect the way she is. 

"Your amazing just the way you are." I said. 

She blushed so much. 

"Your positive?" She asks. 

"Yes. Absolutely positive." I replied. 

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