What happens when Seth Sanders moves into town and finds out something that could change his life forever? It's something that no one will ever forget. Death, Romance, AND mystery. Is it too much for them to take in or will it lead them to an adventure of a life time.
Please no copyright! this story is mine, i wrote it myself and i am proud of it.




The next day came sooner than they expected. Seth was the first to wake up. He walked into Alex’s room to wake her up but found her on the computer. “Hey” He said. “Morning” Alex said. “You ready for school?” Seth asked. Alex shrugged, “I guess”. She got up and went to her closet. Seth looked at her then sat on her bed. Alex pulled out some clothes and walked into the bathroom. “Hey you get to see Justin today” Seth yelled. She poked her head out. “Not funny” She said.  “I think it is” Seth said laughing. “What about you and Kayla?” Alex asked. Seth’s face turned serious, “Now, that is not funny”. Alex laughed. Few seconds later Alex came out ready for school. “Ready” She said. They walked downstairs, and saw their mom cooking breakfast. “Morning guys” Mrs. Sanders.  Alex and Seth sat down. Mrs. Sanders put the plates on the table. “Eat up, so you guys won’t miss the bus” Mrs. Sanders said. Seth took a piece of toast and took a bit out it. “Alex honey, eat something” she said. “I am not hungry” Alex said. Mrs. Sanders said. “We should head to the bus stop” Seth said getting up. Alex got up and Seth gave her a look. She sighed and took a granola bar and walk out the door. Mrs. Sander’s smiles and said thank you. Seth grabbed his bag and walked out. Alex was waiting for him and she didn’t look happy. “Hey sis” Seth said nervous. “Don’t hey sis me!” she yelled. Seth smiled. “I told you I didn’t want to eat” Alex said. They started walking toward the bus stop. “I am sorry” Seth said. “It’s alright” Alex said. They were almost there when they heard there names being called. They turned around to see Kayla being followed by Justin. “Morning guys” She said. “Hey” Seth said. “So you guys ready for your first day of school?” Kayla asked. “Yeah thrilled” Alex said. Kayla laughed. They walked to the bus stop just as the bus came. They got onto the bus and took their seats. “You must be new, I am Emma” A girl said. “Hey” Seth and Alex said at the same time. “I have a question, does Justin ever talk” Seth asked. “Justin Anderson?” Emma asked. They nodded their heads. “Well we really don’t know” Emma said looking at Justin. Alex looked over at him and he looked at them then at Emma and shook his head. “He seems mysterious” Alex said finally stopped looking at Justin. “I am sorry  but I never caught your names” Emma said. “I am Seth and this is Alex”. “Ah, the Sanders” Emma said. Seth and Alex gave them a confused look. “Kayla called me last night and told me about you guys” She replied. They looked at Kayla and she smiled. “Sorry” she said. “It’s alright” Seth said. They bus stopped in front of the school: Roosevelt High School. “You guys ready?” Emma asked. “Yeah I am, are you?”Seth asked Alex. “Yeah I am ready” She said. They got off the bus and walked into the school. “The main office is right over there” Emma said. Seth and Alex smiled. They started walking over to a lady at the desk. “Name?” She asked. “Seth and Alex Sanders” Alex said. The lady ran into the back and just in a few second they came back with lock and lots of paper. “Here are you locks, combinations and you classes” She said. “Thank you” Alex said. The lady smiled, “Welcome to Roosevelt”. Seth and Alex walked away and started down a hall. “Locker 316 and 317” Seth said. “There’s 307” Alex said pointing to a locker. They kept walking down the hall until they reached they reached the locker. Alex took 316 and left Seth with 317. They opened their lockers and put their notebooks and books in them. “What is your first class?” Alex asked. “Science” Seth groaned. Alex laughed. Science was Seth’s least favorite subject. Seth always hated science that is why is always failed it. Seth shut his locker and left. Alex walked into a room. “May I help you?” a man asked. “Yes, I am new” Alex said. “Ah yes Miss Sanders” The man said. “I am Mr. Lewis you History teacher” He said. Alex nodded. “You can take a seat next to….. Justin” Mr. Lewis said. Alex looked for Justin and sat down. “Hey” he said. Alex smiled and said hey. Alex took out a notebook and started taking notes. Justin just smiled.

Seth walked into a classroom. “May I help you?” a woman asked. “Um is this science?” Seth asked. “Yes it is you must be Seth Sanders” The women said. “I am Ms. Grace, take a seat next to Jake” She said. Jake looked up and looked at Seth. Seth walked over and took a seat. “Hey” Jake said. “Hey” Seth said smiling. Alex looked at the clock, only a few more seconds. “You know looking at the clock won’t make it go faster” Justin whispered to her. Alex looked at him and he shrugged. The ball rang and Alex almost ran out of the room. “Hey Sanders” Emma yelled down the hall. Alex stopped and turned around. “Hey have you seen my brother?” she asked. Emma shook her head. Alex saw Seth coming down the hall. “Seth” She yelled. Seth looked up. “Yeah?” He asked. “He talked to me today” Alex said. “I knew you liked him” Seth jumped. “I don’t” Alex said. Seth looked at her. “What I don’t” Alex said. She paused. “Maybe”. Seth smiled. “Stop that it’s creepy” Alex said before walking down the hall. “I am not creepy” Seth said as he watched Alex walk down the hall. Alex was walking to her next class when she heard a voice behind her. “Math is in the west wing”. She turned around to find Justin standing there. “It is?”Alex asked. Justin took her schedule and flipped it. “Your schedule was upside down” Justin said smiling. Alex laughed. “Thank you”. He nodded and walked away. Alex smiled and walked down the hall. Seth walked into a room 303: History. He saw that Kayla and Jake were there. Kayla looked over and smiled. “So we have History together?”She asked. “Yeah I guess” He said smiling. The period went by fast. The bell rang and it’s the bell everyone loves to hear third period. Third period was when all the students get for Seth it was the beginning of a nightmare. “Hello class and welcome back from the weekend” A lady said. She looked up at the class and noticed Seth. “Looks like we have a new student” she said. The class looked over at Seth. “What’s your name?” the lady asked. “Seth, Seth Sanders”. “Ah yes well I am Miss Shay and I am your research teacher”. Seth’s face went all stern. He could finally search the Lost Island and not get in trouble with his sister. “Alright you may go search, type things” Miss Shay said. Seth found the last computer and took it. He pulled up Google and typed in the Lost Island. A bunch of results came up and he strolled down until he found it. He clicked on the website and a picture popped up. Seth started reading. He took out a notebook and started taking notes. Kayla looked over at Seth and walked over to him. “Your eyes have been glued to the screen for at least thirty minutes” She said. Seth stopped writing and turned toward her. “I am searching something important” he said. “Well what is it?” Kayla asked.

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