What happens when Seth Sanders moves into town and finds out something that could change his life forever? It's something that no one will ever forget. Death, Romance, AND mystery. Is it too much for them to take in or will it lead them to an adventure of a life time.
Please no copyright! this story is mine, i wrote it myself and i am proud of it.




Seth looked unsure that he could tell her, but he did anyway. “Promise you won’t tell anyone, including my sister?” Seth asked. “I promise” She said. “Alright, when I first got here everything was strange” Seth said. “What do you mean?” Kayla asked. “I started seeing this woman, I searched up on the internet; this town and I saw an article on what they called “The lost island” He said. “People have searched for it, but they never came back”. Kayla was shocked. “So you are telling me that there is a lost island and who ever go looks for it, doesn’t come back” She asked. “That is exactly what I am saying” Seth said. Kayla looked at him. “And what are you planning to do go find it?”She asked. “Not that exactly” Seth said. Just then the bell rang and Seth was relieved to hear it. He was running out of the room leaving Kayla standing there confused. Alex saw Seth down the hall. “Hey bro” She said. “Oh hey” Seth said. Alex knew he was up to something but didn’t know what. “So how was third period?” She asked. “Good” Seth said. Alex knew he was up to something but didn’t know what. He looked at Alex and walked away. Alex walked into the lunch room ad looked around. She saw Emma waving at her. Alex walked over and sat down. “Not eating anything?” Emma asked. “No, not hungry” Alex said. Alex looked around the room and saw Justin waking over with Kayla. “Hey guys” Kayla said. Justin looked at Alex and smirked. “What?” Emma asked. Justin shook his head and looked away. “Have you seen Seth?”Kayla asked. Alex shook her head and Justin shrugged. Kayla sighed. “Maybe he is on his way” Justin said. Justin as he said that , Seth walked in. “There you are” He said to Kayla. He handed her an envelope, ‘Don’t open it here” He said. Justin looked at Alex. “I don’t know” She mouthed to him. They looked over at Seth and Kayla talking. “Guys, how was your first day of school?”Emma asked. They table got quiet. “Awkward” Justin said. “So how do you like the town so far Alex” Emma asked. “I don’t know I haven’t been in town yet” Alex said. “This should be fun” Justin said. Alex looked at him confused. “What do you mean?” Seth asked. “There is nothing to do in this town it is almost deserted” Justin said. Seth looked over at Kayla and she had a guilty face. “I am going to introduce myself to the science teacher” Alex said getting up. “What classes of mine aren’t you in?”Justin asked her. “I’m leaving” Alex said and walked out. Justin watched Alex as she left. ‘What?”Justin asked. They mumbled nothing while shaking their heads.

      Seth walked up to Kayla’s locker. “So don’t open the envelope till you get home ok?” He asked her. “Yeah but what is in the envelope?” She asked. “You are going to have to find out yourself” Seth said. “Nice” Kayla mumbled but clearly loud enough because Seth laughed. He walked away to his next class. Justin walked into science and saw Alex sitting at one  of the desk. He walked over to her sat next to her. “I think you are stalking me” She said. “Me…. Never” Justin said sarcastically, “It’s more like you are stalking me”. Alex laughed. The teacher settled the class and began teaching. Justin looked at Alex, Alex looked at Justin. He looked back at the board smiling. The teacher stated writing down things on the board but Alex was too busy wondering why Justin was looking at her. The teacher looked over at the class and Alex stating writing down notes. Alex looked at the clock, only two more minutes till she survived her first day. Just after the bell the teacher pasted out the homework. The students cheered and walked out. Alex walked over to her locker and grabbed her bag. She was Seth coming down the hall once again. “You ready?” he asked. “Yeah” Alex said closing her locker. They walked toward the bus. Emma saw them on the bus and sat behind them. “So you guys like the school?” She asked. “Yeah it’s alright I guess” Seth said. “It’s fine” Alex said. Kayla and Justin were the last to get on the bus. “Hey guys” Kayla said. Justin was quiet. “What’s with Justin” Emma asked. “I don’t know” Kayla replied. They looked over at Justin. He was looking out the window. “He is just tired.” Kayla said to not worry everyone. The bus stopped and kids got off. Emma got up and walked off. “Well don’t say good bye” Seth said. They laughed. The bus stopped again but this time Alex and Seth got off along with Kayla and Justin. They walked down the street. “Well bye” Kayla said and they went their separate ways. Seth walked into the house and walked right into kitchen. “How was school?” Mrs. Sanders asked. “Good I guess” Seth said. Mrs. Sanders opened the fridge and pulled two boxes of pizza. “Pizza?” Alex asked. Seth turned toward hers, “Yes” he said with a straight face. “Guys do your homework”. Seth groaned. “Remember you promise” Alex said with a smirking. They pulled out books and notebook. “First day of school and you have a lot of homework” Mrs. Sanders said. An hour l passed and they finished their homework. The door opened and in walked Mr. Sanders. “Hello honey” He said and sat down at the table. They ate dinner in silence.  “I am going to bed” Seth said. He got up and went upstairs with Alex following him. The house got quiet after an hour or so.

At the Anderson household, Kayla opened the envelope that Seth gave her. It was a bunch of paper. She started reading. Kayla got up and went over to the Sanders house, knocked on the door. Mrs. Sanders opened the door. “Hello my name is Kayla Anderson. Is Seth here?” She asked. “Yes he is upstairs, second door to the right” Mrs. Sanders replied. “Thank you” Kayla said before going up to Seth’s room.  She knocked on the door and Seth answered. “Kayla? What are you doing here?” He asked. Kayla held up the enveloped. Seth moved out of the way so Kayla could come. “What is this?” She asked a little mad. “It’s the lost island” Seth said. “And what do you think you are going to do?” Kayla asked. “What does it look like I am doing, I am going to go find it” Seth said pointing to a bag on his bed. “Alone? What is you doing make it back? Or if there is no island? Then what?” Kayla threw at him. Seth sighed. “There is not harm in trying” Seth said. “Yes there is! You might not come back or even worse killed!” Kayla yelled at him. Seth sighed once again. “Fine I won’t go” He said and sat on his bed. “Thank you” Kayla said. She headed to the door, “See you tomorrow?” she asked. Seth looked at her and nodded. Kayla smiled and left. Seth made sure she left before packing up again. The next morning came and Alex went to wake up Seth but when she went into his room He wasn’t there. She went downstairs but he wasn’t there either. Alex decided to go over to Kayla and Justin’s to see if he was there. She knocked on the door. Kayla answered, “Hey”. “Hey have you seen Seth this morning?” Alex asked. Kayla sighed madly. “I should of know it” She said. “It went looking for the island” Kayla said. Alex looked shocked. “Then I guess I am going after him” She said. “I guess I am coming with you” Kayla said. Justin walked to the door. “I am going with you too”. Alex smiled.

Night fell and it was quiet. Alex walked quietly down the stairs and walked outside. “You ready?” Justin asked. “Yeah” Alex said sighing. “Which way do we start?” Kayla asked. Alex looked at the paper Seth gave Kayla then pointed toward the ocean. “The ocean?” Justin asked. “Well it says ocean is where you start so I guessing it is the ocean” Alex said. They shrugged and started walking toward the ocean. “I see an ocean but no tunnel” Justin said. Alex looked out to the ocean. Kayla tapped Alex on the shoulder and pointed to a cave. “Is that a cave or a tunnel entrance?” Kayla asked. Alex smiled and walked to the cave. “I need a flashlight” She said. Justin tossed her one and she started going in. Kayla looked at Justin but he just shrugged. A few more moments later Alex came back. “It goes down pretty far” Alex said. “We better get going” Kayla said. Justin sighed. They started down the tunnel. “It’s little to be a tunnel” Justin said. “Is that light?” Kayla asked. Alex turned the corner. “Guys it’s a torch” She said. The reached a dead end. “It can’t be I was sure this was the tunnel” Alex said. “We should take a rest” Justin said. “Yeah I am going to read more so I will be ready for tomorrow” Alex said. Kayla and Justin sat down. “We are going to find him” Kayla said looking at Alex. “I know, but he could be killed by now” Alex said. Seth walked along a long tunnel, he was thinking to himself that Alex was now searching for him but she would never find the entrance to the tunnel. Seth saw two opening. “Which one?” Seth asked himself. His first thought was to go with his guts but he didn’t want to make the wrong choice. He went with the one he thought was right; the left tunnel. Kayla woke up and saw Alex reading. “Have you been reading all night?” She asked her. Alex thought of something. She grabbed a notebook and started flipping through it. “Here! I was right about the ocean for Seth has exact location” she said. Kayla looked at Alex. “Where?” Kayla asked. Alex looked down at the paper. “Under the ocean” Alex said and Kayla gave her a confused look. “There is a tunnel down there?” Kayla asked. “I guess” Alex said. They heard a yawn. “What’s going on?” Justin asked. “I think we found the entrance to the tunnels” Alex said. “Where?” he asked confused. “Under the ocean” Kayla said causally.  “But there has to be a way we can enter it without us all going down there” Justin said making a point. “Well there is only one way to find out” Alex said. Justin knew what she was thinking. “You are not going down there” He said more as a demand. “I don’t see anyone else coming up with a better idea” Alex said making another point. “If anything happens, don’t wait for me” Alex said seriously. “What are you crazy?” Kayla asked shocked. “I want you to find my brother” Alex said. They nodded. Alex started running down the cave. “This is a bad idea” Justin said. “I wonder what will happen if she finds something” Kayla said. Justin notices something o the floor. “Is that water?” He asked Kayla. “Seth must have been here and it must of flooded” Kayla said looking worried. Alex went to the edge of cliff. “Alright” She said before jumping in.

Alex only had a few minutes before she was going to need air. Alex had a clue what she was looking for but it had quick. She started swimming toward the bottom of the ocean; she looked down and saw what looked like a knob. She swam closer to it and it turned out to be a knob. Alex turned it and it started making noises. Justin and Kayla saw a door open and grabbed their bags. They ran into the door. “Close the door” Justin yelled.  “No! I am not leaving her” Kayla yelled back. “She said not to wait” Justin said. “I don’t care, I care about her as much as you do” Kayla yelled at him. Justin sighed. They heard water coming through the cave along with a voice. “That’s Alex” Kayla said. Justin opened the door and ran out. Moments later he came back with Alex with him. “I thought I said not to wait” Alex yelled at them. “I wasn’t leaving without you” Kayla said smiling. ‘You are crazy you know that right?” Justin asked. “You weren’t going to do so someone had to” Alex said defending herself. He just smiled and turned toward the dark tunnel. “I think we found our tunnels” He said. “Are you sure you guys want to go on?” Alex asked them. Kayla nodded and looked at Justin. “Yeah I guess” He said. They grabbed their bags and headed down the tunnel. “Alex? Seth has been here, I water out there looked recent” Kayla said. Seth must have had chosen the right tunnel because nothing seem to be going wrong until he heard something distant. “They can’t be that close” He said to himself. He ignored the sound and kept walking. He heard the noise again. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned around. “Who’s there?” Seth asked. No one answered. The noise started going again. Seth started running and running. Alex, Kayla, and Justin were walking down the tunnels. “So, how far down does this go?” Kayla asked. Alex looked at the papers. “About 50 miles for each tunnel” She said. “How many tunnels are there?”Justin asked. “About four of them” Alex said. Justin sighed. “Come on we can get to know each other” Kayla said. “50 miles should do it” Alex said. “This is going to take forever” Justin said. “No it’s not” Kayla said trying to cheer him up. Justin sighed again and continued to walk down the tunnel.

Seth was running down the tunnel. The noise went away so he stopped. He was walking slowly. Seth knew if he kept walking his legs wouldn’t make it so he stopped and rested. He looked through his bag and pulled out a water bottle. He knew if he kept going the others would find him. He wanted to go on but he couldn’t. His eyes slowly closed and he fell into sleep. Seth was standing in the middle of what to him was the tunnel. It was too dark to see where everything is. He thought he saw something in front of him run by in front of him.  “Ah, we have a guest” a voice said. “Who’s there?” Seth asked. “So, what’s your name?” another voice said. “Who are you?” Seth asked a little creped out. “We are the Lost Island ghost” One of the voices said. Seth quickly woke up. “Lost Island ghosts?” He asked himself. He went through his bag and pulled out some papers. He started flipping through them then stopped. “The Lost Island ghosts: Ghost’s names Gabby Lancaster and Megan Miller were once girls who died searching for their father. They stayed in the tunnel trying to convince people not to go look for it”. He looked up and got up. Seth grabbed his bag and started down the tunnel again hoping he wouldn’t see the ghosts. Alex was in front of everyone. “You guys alright back there?” She asked. “Yeah” Justin said. His voice was drifting off. They have been traveling for four hours non-stop. Alex stopped and turned around. “Ok let’s take a break and get some sleep” She said. They quickly sat down. After a few minutes Kayla was asleep. “Justin get some sleep” Alex said. “No it’s alright you will need it more than I will” He said and Alex nodded. She turned around. Justin looked at her and smiled. He soon fell asleep. Justin was standing in the middle of a dark path. “Kayla? Alex?” He screams out their names. “He is a cute guest” A voice said. “Stop we are here for one reason” Another voice said. Defiantly girl voices. “Who are you?” he asked. “Someone you don’t want to mess with” That voice said again.  The voices started disappearing and he was back in the tunnels. “Huh?”Justin asked. The girls were sleeping. “Alex? Alex?” Justin whispered. He got up and walked over to Alex. “Alex wake up” He said. “Why wake her? A voice said. “Who’s there?”Justin asked. All he could hear was silence. “Anyone there?” He asked. “Don’t continue with the search, something going to happen” The voice continued. “What is going to happen?”Justin asked. “A event that will change your life forever” Another said. The voices faded and it was silent. Kayla started waking up. “Why are you talking to yourself?” She asked. “I wasn’t” Justin said. Kayla walked over to Alex and tried to wake her. “Yeah?”Alex asked. “You ready to move on?” Kayla asked. “Yeah” Alex said getting up. “You didn’t hear those voices?”Justin asked. Alex and Kayla looked at each other confused. “What voices?”Kayla asked. “The two girl voices” He said. “What exactly did they tell you?” Kayla asked. “They said not to go on with the search and that if we do something bad would happen” Justin said. “You can’t be serious? Ghost voices?”Kayla asked. “Yeah ghost voices” Justin said. “I think the tunnels are getting to your head” Alex said. “I am not crazy” Justin said defending himself. “I never said you were but I don’t think you can handle this” Alex said. “What” Justin asked confused. “I think you should go home and wait” Alex said. “You want me to leave?” Justin asked shocked. “Yeah so you can clear your mind” Alex said. “Alright” Justin said and grabbed his bag and started walking away. Alex and Kayla grabbed their bags and headed in the opposite direction. Justin stopped then turned around. “You know what it is not alright, I have been helping you all this time and I am pretty sure that you would be dead by the time they find you” Justin said with no sight of weakness. Alex stopped, “You don’t give up do you?” She asked. “Once I start something I finish it” Justin said smiling. Alex smiled, “Come on”. Justin smiled again and ran to catch up to him.

“Ghosts are not real” Seth kept saying as he continued to walk down the wet and cold tunnel. The two voices haven’t came back yet but he knew he would hear from them. Seth knew they didn’t want him there but he kept going anyways. “I am going to tell you what I told your friend, don’t continue with the search”. They were back. “And why’s that?” Seth asked. Cold air started coming in. “Something is coming and it is not good” one of the voices said. Seth saw two figures coming around the corner. “I know who you guys are” Seth said. “Oh and who might we be?” Another voice asked. A blonde haired girl appeared, obviously Gabby, along with a brown haired girl, obviously Megan.  “The island protectors of the tunnels” Seth said. “Ah very smart” Megan said. “Do you know anything about my friends?” Seth asked kind of worried. “No nothing at all” Megan said. “So what’s you name huh?” Gabby asked a little too excited. “Seth Seth Sanders”.  “Seth” Megan confirmed. “Have you guys ever seen the lost island?” Seth asked. “Actually no” Gabby said. There was a silent moment. “Can you guys help me with something?” Seth asked. “Depends on what you need help with” Megan said. “Will you help me with the search?” Seth asked kind of quickly.  Megan and Gabby looked at each other. Gabby was giving her a please look. Megan turned to look at Seth then back at Gabby. “Fine, I guess” She said sighing. “Thank you” Gabby said happy. “So do you know how to get there?” Seth asked. “Straight I believe” Gabby said. Seth nodded and kept walking. “ I am so going to regret this” Megan said following Gabby and Seth.

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