What happens when Seth Sanders moves into town and finds out something that could change his life forever? It's something that no one will ever forget. Death, Romance, AND mystery. Is it too much for them to take in or will it lead them to an adventure of a life time.
Please no copyright! this story is mine, i wrote it myself and i am proud of it.




For many year the Lost island became a legend. Most people say the island had a tribe called the Slay tribe. Many have searched but failed. Search parties failed to return. Legend has it there is a tunnel that leads to the ocean, but no one was brave to look until now….

                                              5 MONTHS LATER

The sanders first drove through thinking it is deserted, but there is barley any people because they all disappear. They pull into Stone ave and looked for the number sixteen. The house they parked in front of was what looked like an ancient house. It was a big house; it had a fenced yard, vines on the house. To them it was perfect. Mr. and Mrs. Sander had two kids, one boy and one girl. Their names were named Seth and Alex. They were both sixteen, well for Alex almost sixteen. They got out of the car and looked around. “Deserted much?” Seth asked. “They are probably hiding from you” Alex said. They weren’t hiding, most of them met at the town hall to talk. The town never tells them anything mostly because they didn’t know much themselves. As the Sanders were unloading the car. Another car pulled into the driveway across the street. A boy got out and looked at them. He looked confused. Alex noticed the boy starring at her. A girl got out of the car. She had black hair with blonde highlights. She started talking to her mom. The girl and boy started walking to Seth. “Hello, I am Kayla “she said smiling. “Hey I am Seth Sanders” Seth said. “Hi I am Justin” the boy said smiling. “Hold on and I will go get my sister” Seth said before running into the house. Kayla and Justin looked at each other. Seth came out of the house with Alex right behind him. “What?” Alex asked. “This is Kayla and Justin” Seth asked. “Hey I am Alex” said. There was a awkward silence. “Well, we should leave you to unpack” Kayla said. “Alright, nice meeting you” Alex said. “Yeah, you too” Justin said. They started walking backwards and they left. “Don’t be stupid and help unpack” Alex said. “Do they seem weird to you?” Seth asked. Alex shrugged, “I don’t know! You think everyone is weird” Alex said. Kayla and Justin looked at them, they looked confused. “Help me with the boxes” Alex said. Seth looked one last time across the street before grabbing some boxes. “There is something strange about them” Seth said walking inside. There life was about to change for them.

                          “This house is perfect” Mr. Sanders said happily. “Why is everyone here strange?” Seth asked. “They are just confused that they have new neighbors in the middle of spring” Mrs. Sanders unpacking a box of dishes. “I don’t know about that’ Seth said. He took a box and went upstairs. “he is probably emotional about the move” Alex said. Alex grabbed a box and went upstairs. Mr. Sanders looked at Mrs. Sanders and shrugged. They always wondered about Seth. Since he turned eleven, he was acting strange. Talking to himself. Alex has always caught him sneaking around but never new why. Alex walked into Seth’s room. “You alright?”She asked. Seth looked at her confused. “I am not stupid, I know something is up” she said sitting on his bed. “Nothing is up, I just know that there is something about this town’ Seth said. “Look I knew that you didn’t want to move but there is nothing going on in this town” Alex said getting up. “Don’t worry about” closing her door. Seth knew he should of listened to Alex but he knows that there is something about this town. He pulled out his laptop and started searching. After an hour of searching, he heard his mother calling him. Seth closed the computer and went downstairs. “Oh good, there is a box in the truck can you bring it in?” Mrs. Sanders asked. “Yeah sure” He said. Seth walked out and climbed into the truck. “A box really one box?” Seth asked himself. He grabbed the last box and walked out of the truck. Seth stopped and looked down the street. There was an old lady standing there looking at Seth. She was shaking her head. Seth was a little scared. Seth looked up and she was gone. Seth got off the truck and went inside.

                               “Seth put the box on the counter” and he did. He looked at his mother. “What’s wrong?” she asked. Seth shook his head and went upstairs. Alex walked in. “have you seen my writing sets?” she asked. “No, try the kitchen” Seth said. “What are you doing?’ she asked. Alex walked over to him. “Searching” “About what?” “The town”. Alex shook her head and left. He sighed and kept searching. Alex walked downstairs. “Mum have you seen my sets?” “Yeah over there” Mrs. Sanders said pointing to a box on the table. “Great” Alex said. She picked up the box and went upstairs. Alex opened her door and dropped the box. “What was that?” She heard her mom asked from downstairs. “Nothing just a box!” Alex yelled back then started laughing until she heard Seth scream. She got up and ran to his room. “What?!”Alex asked.  “I was right! There is something wrong about this town! Two years ago men named John Strong disappear after looking for what he calls “the lost island” Seth said. “What?” Alex asked. “Come look, another women named Kathy disappeared after looking for the lost island” He said. Alex looked at the screen and saw a women, “the lost island is a island that has been lost for ten years” Alex said. “so a island got lost?” She asked. “Yeah!” “This is nothing but lies, the probably made that up” Alex said. She walked right out of the room. “Why doesn’t she believe me?” Seth asked himself.

    Seth looked out his window and saw the women standing there. Seth stepped backwards. “creepy” he said. Seth walked out of his room and went downstairs. “What was that noise?” Mrs. Sanders asked refereeing to the scream. “Oh I just fell” Seth said making Mr. Sanders chuckle. Alex came downstairs with a box. “These are dishes” she said. “Just put them over there” Mrs. Sanders said, “So when do we start school” Alex asked. “Tomorrow” Mr. Sanders said.

Alex and Seth looked at each other. “Seth is in eleventh and Alex is in tenth” Mrs. Sanders said smiling. “ I am a grade higher than her?” Seth asked shocked. Mr. Sanders shrugged. “Are all the box out of the truck?” Mrs. Sander asked. They all nodded. “Good”. Seth looked at Alex and shrugged. “I have to get dinner ready, what do you want?” Mrs. Sanders asked. “Burgers” Mr. Sanders said. Mrs. Sanders smiles and went to go make dinner. “so you guys need to be in bed by nine and up by six- thirty to catch the bus” Mr. Sanders said. Seth and Alex groaned. “I see you met the neighbors”. “Yeah they seem nice” Alex said. Seth looked over at her and smiled. “Stop that” Alex whined. “What’s going on?” Mrs. Sanders asked. “They have a son Alex’s age” Seth said smiling. “That is not funny” Alex said. Seth laughed. “Oh how nice” Mrs. Sanders said. “mom I just met the guy” Alex whined. Mrs. Sanders shook her head and continue making dinner. “Maybe, just maybe” Seth said. Alex looked at him and he went upstairs. Mr. Sanders looked at her and smiled. “What’s wrong with men in this house?” Alex asked. She walked over to the stove and looked at the hamburgers. She could smell the sweet smell of the meat. “They are almost done” Mrs. Sanders said. Alex smiled. She went upstairs and finishes packing. Alex took out her lap top and checks her e- mail. “4 messages from Claire”.  “Dinner” her mom yells from downstairs. Alex closed her lap top and was about to go downstairs when she saw a women standing outside her window. The women pointed to the ocean. Alex looked up at the sea and saw nothing. She backed away and ran downstairs.

                            “That was weird” Alex said. “What was weird?” Mr. Sanders asked. “Nothing” Alex said looking at Seth worried. Seth just shrugged. ‘So are you guys excited for school?” Mrs. Sanders asked. “Yeah thrilled” Seth said. “Yeah” Alex said. “Seth promise me that you will try harder to get good grader like your sister” Mr. Sanders said. Alex smiled taking a bit of her hamburger. “I promise” Seth said. “Good” Mr. Sanders said. “What kind of classes does the school have?” Alex asked. “Writing, Dancing, music, computer classes and much more” Mrs. Sanders said. “And I believe that Alex has all advance classes” Mr. Sanders said smiling. “Really?” Alex asked excited.  “Yeah called the school before we came here” Mrs. Sanders said smiling. Alex could see the sadness in Seth’s face. “I think I am going to bed early” Alex said getting up. “Alright night” Mr. Sanders asked. Alex went upstairs and Seth put his head down. “You okay honey?” Mrs. Sanders asked. “Yeah, just fine” Seth said. Seth was always jealous with Alex’s straight A’s. For Alex she never wanted to be the nerd of the family, but she was. Seth got up and went upstairs. “Well I guess diner is over” Mr. Sanders said. Seth walked into Alex’s room. “Ok what’s up?” He asked. “Nothing is up” Alex said. “You should be happy all advance classes” Seth said. “Yeah, I know” Alex whispered. “So you excited for school?” He asked trying to lighten the mood. “Yeah I guess”. “What are you doing?” Seth asked walking over to her. “Writing, what I always do” Alex said. “What are you writing about?” Seth asked. “My first day here”. “Oh, a short day you probably turned it into a long day” Seth said sitting upside down on her bed. “Yeah, you are right” Alex said. Seth laughed. “How do you make stories seem like they can go on forever?” Seth asked. “I don’t know but I love writing” Alex said. “I know” Seth said. Seth started walking to the door. “Right” He said. “Night” Alex said. Seth looked at her and smiled then walked out. Alex was wondering whether to tell Seth about the women or not. She deiced not too, she didn’t want to worry him. Alex got up and changed into her PJ’s. She climbed into the bed.

                   One hour later Alex started shaking and turning. In her dream, she was walking down a street. Dark gloomy fog was rolling in. It hard to see where she was. Alex kept walking to a big black shape almost like a human shape. “Hello?” She called out. She heard a noise coming from the dark shadow. “Who are you?” Alex asked the shadow. The fog started clearing up. Alex started to see who the figure was. “You’re the lady that was standing outside my window” Alex said. The women pointed to the ocean. “What is so important about the ocean?” Alex asked. The lady looked at her and held up a necklace. “What is that?” Alex asked. The fog starting coming and the lady was gone. Alex woke out of her dream. She was sweating and confused. “What was that she was holding?” Alex asked herself. She looked at the time, Four o’clock. Two more hours to sleep before she goes to school. Even though she said she was excited for school. She was nervous inside. She doesn’t want to go.

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