You don't fall in love with the babysitters !

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked with a smirk on his face.

Damn, he just caught me falling in with the baby sitter !


8. we're only private investigators

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Let's get on with the story shall wee!


A week went by. The girls grew closer to the boys.

And the boys grew closer to the girls.

But something still felt wrong.

The girls will catch them talking secretively to each other and people on the phone.

They have this black binder that they hold tightly to them and write stuff down while looking at us girls.

In the middle of the night we see them in the basement together talking and singing.

When we are out, they always wear sunglasses and hat and take pictures with random girls.

They open the doors to random girls quietly and ask them to get off the property and give them a quick kiss and picture.

They girls were always happy.

Or screaming, crying, speechless, starstruck mess.

Like come on girls you act like their famous.

The week went by like a daze.

Monday was just a " lets lay down and cuddle, while we laughed cause we just beat some bitches ass" kinda day.

Just had them all cuddling watching movies, just pure joy and making little funny jokes.

Tuesday was a " why the fuck am i here lets turn the fuck up" kinda day.

Niall and Ell went a bought like 3 boxes of beer.

By the beginning of the next morning, there was one left that Niall had for breakfast.

Wednesday was a "Let's have fun day and going in the pool the whole day" kinda day

except Zayn was being the biggest pussy of all time and stayed in the 3ft water.

Which led to the boys being little pepping tom's trying to see or stuff in our Bikinis.

Which led to their hair not to be on fleek cause we pushed them all in the water.

( My main bitch Alondra wrote thursday and friday so thanks girl ily )

Thursday was a "Let's go out to the mall and do stupid things not giving a fuck who sees"

But they boys didn't like that idea for some reason that none of us knew why. So anyways Thursday turned into a

"Girls day out because the boys are a bunch of wussies who don't know how to have fun" and all the girls carried out to the mall gossiping about the boys and not to mention shopping!

The mall didn't feel the same though, some random girls would call us out. "Whores!" "Thots!" "Twats!" I didn't know why, even some of them said "i love you" others "follow me!"

We all were weird out and just left. We didn't pay much attention to see they were just 13-15 year olds.

Friday was a "Oh now the boys get a day out because the girls are lame.

" But actually it felt more of a cover-up, more of a "We got an important call so were off to it without the girls knowing" kinda day.

That kinda pissed me off, because I hate secrets. I know that, the girls know that, even Obama knows that. Expect obviously the boys.

So while they were off god knows where, we all came down to a conclusion.

We were all tired of this "secret" we decided to snoop around the boys rooms.

"Okay so the boys said they'd be back in about two hours or so, that's enough time to snoop around" i smirked looking at the girls.

"So Alondra wanna be the Innocent one" I speak up grabbing her attention.

"Huh?" She looks at me with one eyebrow raised.

"Wanna be the look out, you know just in case the boys get back before were done "cleaning up"" I quoted laughing with the girls.

"It would be my pleasure" she said smirking walking up to the door window.

"Okay, good. Alood you get Harry's room, El you get Louis', Nina you get Zayn's, and I'll get both Liam's & Niall's room" they all nodded and ran upstairs to begin this treasure hunt.

"Oh and girls, remember to leave the room exactly how it first was." they all nod entering the rooms.

*** ALOODS POV ***

I turn the knob to Harry's door. I giggled knowing his hands touched it. As i enter my eyes widen.

"Wow, um i thought he would be a lot more disorganized." I say under my breath examining his well-made bed.

"No this is going to be easy."

I begin going through his drawer.

"Oh, boxers!" I giggle holding them up above my head. Something flew out smacking my face.

"Harry probably knew" I giggled putting his boxes down trying to find what hit me. I look down to see a condom.

"Omg so this is what Harry uses" I say picking it up recognizing a familiar face.

"H-Harry?" I look closer to read, "One Direction Condoms."

I lift my head up. "Omg..." I gasp quickly placing the condom back and folding Harry's boxers back into the drawer.

"Guys!" I exit the room.

*** Els POV ***

I nod to Cassey and enter Louis room.

"Omg, this guy needs Jesus."

I laugh trying to make a path without misplacing anything. 'Nirvana' read a shirt across the room.

"Oh! I like Nirvana, too!" I giggle walking to it. As I grab it, I realize it was covering a black box.

"Hm, wonder what's inside?" I place the shirt over my shoulder, and open the box. It was full with CDs. I giggle. "It's probably Nirvana"

i shrug picking one up.

"Four" I read out loud.

"I didn't know Nirvana made a new album, what?" Lift an eyebrow and continue reading.

"By One Direction." My jaw dropped to the floor. I put the CD back, closing the box and placing the shirt on top.

"Guys!" I exit the room.

*** Nina's POV ***

I sneezed as I entered Zayn's room.

"Of course, spray paint." I smiled looking at the spray paint can open.

I walk over closing them all.

"Great." I said looking at my right hand snugged with red paint.

"Now this is a good way to get caught" I laugh searching for a towel.

"Aha!" I grab a towel on his dresser.

I cleaned myself and examine some rolled up posters behind the dresser.

"Probably some painting of his, hope he won't mind." I smile grabbing a random one, unfolding it.

"Woah.." I said scanning the poster up-and-down. There was five guys up on a stage, with millions of people behind them, in the crowd like if it were to be a concert.

Above them it read 'One Direction' and below 'Where We Are Tour 2014.'

"Hm, maybe a new band he likes?" I questioned myself.

"Wait a second is that the boys?.." I look at the poster closer.

"Omg, IT IS!" I roll the poster and put it back exiting the room.


*** Caseys POV ***

I sighed entering the Nialls room first.

"This boy needs to either eat his leftovers or throw them away" I cough to the smell of rotten chicken stripes.

"Uhhhhh Niall fuck your chicken stripes" i say coughing once.

"Okay so-" I cough once more.

"I'm done" I look around the room for an air freshener every room has one.

"There!" I point to his dresser. I grab it unleashing cinnamon apple.

"Ah now that's better" I place the air freshener back on top of the folder, that read 'Ready To Run? ;)'

that grabbed my attention so I picked it up and scanned through it. I found five plane tickets.

"What?" I grabbed one and read the destination.

"Italy?" My eyes widen.

"The boys are leaving..." I held in my breath.

"Well it's like they signed a contract or something" I laughed on myself and put the ticket back. I scanned through the folder one more time.

I came across a paper. At the top in black bold words it stated, "On The Road Again Tour 2015 Setlist" with all the songs titles that I wasn't familiar with. At the bottom it read, "Niall's Idea"

"Omg.." I put the paper back and, put the folder down. I exited the room.


*** Alondra's POV ***

My stomach growled. 'No Alondra what if the boys come back' I thought to myself looking out the window.

"Hopefully they come back with food" my stomach growled to the thought of that.

"Okay, pay attention" I laughed peeking through the window.

"No boys" I put my back up against the wall I slowly slid down.

"GUYS!" I hear all four of them yell at the same time. I get up and quickly upstairs.

All i could hear was, "One Direction, Four, Album Band, Music, Famous." As I arrived upstairs all the girls looked at me.

"What?.." I shrugged my shoulders and lifted an eyebrow.

"The boys are in a band called one direction!!" El yelled.

"They're famous! Celebrities! I fucked 'the' Harry Styles! A celebrity!" Alood screamed.

"The most famous band actually, they're worth millions." Nina slammed her hand to onto her face.

"That would explain all of those girls, they weren't random people, they are fans!" I yell throwing my arms into the air.

"Exactly!" They all exclaimed.

*** Casey's POV ***

While the girls were all, what's it called? Oh um 'fangirling.' I remembered that we forgot one room; Liam's.

"Guys, we forgot Liam's room" I said looking down the hall to his room. The girls got all dead quiet and walked up to me.

"Shall we?" Nina spoke up.

"We shall." We all walked to the door. I grabbed the handle turning it slowly.

"Why are you opening it like that?" Alood said holding the grip of El's arm.

"I don't know" we all laughed. We all entered his room, it was spotless as of no one lived here.

"Okay girls, now do you thing" I said looking through his drawers. They all nodded and went to separate places.

After we literally searched the whole room there was nothing.

"There's nothing here" Nina says walking to the door.

"There is, but very well hidden" I said scratching my head.

"Oh well" Alondra said face slamming his bed.

"ALONDRA!!!" All the girls yell at her then she makes a face.

"His bed is hard, it may look comfy but no." She gets up redoing his bed.

"Hard? Why wou-OMG!!" I run over to the bed taking the covers off.

"There under the pillows!" Alood points amused. I throw the pillows flying through the air.

"The black binder.." I said covering my mouth. The girls looked at me, and quickly gathered around me.

I open the binder to find lyrics to a song named, "Ready To Run"

"Omg, this must be a new song in their new album" I flip the pages too of these unknown lyrics.

"What does this sticker mean?" El points to a green sticker at the bottom right.

"I don't know? Only Ready to Run has it" I flip the pages.

"Well you know Liam, he's all organized so maybe he's keeping track of all the songs

THEY HAVE RELEASED!!" Alondra says jumping up and down. All the girls turn to her.

"What?? Why all the stares!" She pouts.

"You were supposed to be the lookout!" Nina punches her softly in the shoulder.

"Omg! Yeah, sorry" she rubs her arm where Nina punched her and ran downstairs.

*** Alondras POV ***

"God, Im so stupid" I said running downstairs to the door window. I peek to see no cars, nor a sign of the boys.

"No car, no boys" I sign calmly. My stomach once again growled, but louder this time.

"Oh shut up!" I say holding my stomach. When all of a sudden I hear laughing behind me. I turn around to see the boys laughing at me.

"We bought pizza," Louis spoke while laughing, "We left it in the kitchen."

"Oh, okay. Thanks I guess." I smile shyly. The boys begin to walk upstairs.

"Oh fuck!" I say under my breathe running up the stairs, passing them and stopping in front of them blocking them.

"So how was your day? Have any fun?" I laugh nervously. They all looked at me weirdly until Liam answered.

"Well it was a okay" he smiled at me.

"Yeah but were all tired now and would like to going to our rooms" Louis said with a sassy attitude. I clench my jaw and laugh.

"Well too bad you can't Mister Sassypants" i snap back laughing. He barely opened his mouth to say something when Harry interrupted him.

"Well why not?" Harry says standing in front of me.

"Well..," i nervously laughed,

"because they are changing since we came back from the pool and some maybe running around naked"

I bite my lower lip nervously.

"Then why are you not wet?" Niall asked with an eyebrow raised and smirking. I couldn't talk for a second.

"B-because I can't go for a swim right now" i turn redder than a tomato looking at the ground.

"Wait, Naked?" Louis said with a smirk.

"Girls?" Zayn said licking his lips.

"Wet?" Harry said biting his lower lip. They all laughed then looked at each other taking a few steps closer to upstairs.

'God, please hurry up Casey' I thought standing my ground.

"Well what a coincidence" Zayn smirked passing the boys and standing right in front of me, breathe away. I literally almost melted. "Z-Zayn don't even think about it" I said slightly pushing him back, folding my arms together.

"Yeah! Don't you dare Zayn" Niall said standing next to me. My face turned redder than usual, and it was hard to hide my smile.

"Sike!" Niall said running upstairs.

"Really?!!!" I ran after him as the rest of the boys run behind me.

*** Casey's POV ***

When Alondra left the room, the girls and I started singing a few parts of the song. We each got our 'boys' parts.

"Escape from the city and follow the sun!" We all sang at once.

"Wow this song is catchy" Nina says shaking her head back-and-forth.

"And not to mention good" Alood adds in. We are continue singing and finished the song.

"I wonder how well the boys sing" I say looking at the girls.

"Well from the look of their frame, outstanding" El says laying down on Liam's bed. We were quiet for about two seconds, and with that we heard voices.

"Did all of you guys hear that or am I losing my mind?" I said with a raised eyebrow. They all nodded and our eyes grew wide.

"The boys are home..." I whispered, "hurry!" I put the binder back under the pillows, while the girls did the bed.

"Okay shhh, quiet as a mouse" I said leading them out the room and slowly closing the door behind El;

The last one out.

"Act normal nothing happened" I told him passing the boys rooms and barely opening Ninas door before

Niall came storming at us with the boys and Alondra behind.

"Woahh" Alood laughs.

"Awee" Niall whines.

"You guys are all dressed up and dry" Nialls pouts turning to the boys are disappointed, then we all turn to Alondra.

"What's with all the stares today!!" She rolls her eyes entering Ninas room as we followed.

"Bye, bye" I said closing the door in front of the boys.

"What a bunch of pricks" Niall said walking to his room.

Open the door again and say, "shut up you cactus" and with that, I closed the door while Louis screamed, "OHHH BURNNN!!" All the girls giggled.

"Damn that was a close one" Nina says laying down on her bed. We all laughed and sat down.

"We should watch a movie" Alood said turning on the tv.

"Yeah good idea" El said laying back and relaxing.

We watched a few movies and then parted ways to our rooms and, with that we called it a day.

The next day There was a loud banging on the door as we all groaned.

Louis yelled " ill get it" as he walked to the door and with out looking opened it.

And in came a tall buff man with a crocked smirk and a laugh on his face.

Harry jumped up saying "Paul?"

"oh my now i see why Simon is worried an your mother is stressing over this!" Paul called out stepping over the trash on the floor.

"you broke 1 rule on the list!" Paul scolded the boys and us

"Actually paul we kinda broke 2 or 3" Alondra snickered

"on the first night too!" Alood laughed

"oh my what a shocker! Now hurry up children your coming with me an our plane leaves in two and a half hours so make it snappy" Paul smirked.

Thanks to my Maine bitch Alondra for writing all of friday when i wasn't feeling it And Alood for waiting and extra two days!😻.

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